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  • SchoolOfArts

    DeKalb School of Arts, Chamblee Charter High Make Newsweek Tops

    In various national ratings of public high schools, two in DeKalb County consistently rise to the top. DeKalb School of the Arts in Avondale Estates and Chamblee Charter High, which both scored high in a U.S. News and World Report list this past spring, have done it again with the prestigious Newsweek ratings of the best high schools in the country. From a list of 15,819 public high schools in America, the poll first narrowed the field to 6, 477.


    Key criteria included: college enrollment, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, Advanced Place-ment/International Baccalaureate/ dual enrollment options for college level courses offered in high school and the ratio of counselors to student enrollment. All measurements were used for a “college readiness index” to show how well high schools prepare students for the next level.


    In a field narrowed down to 4,760 public high schools based on competitiveness with the criteria, Thomas Jefferson High in Alexandria, VA took the top spot for the third year in a row. Ten high schools from Georgia made the list. Northview High in Johns Cre   Read more...

  • VoteReg

    GA Pilots Voter Registration by Text

    Georgians now can now register to vote or check their voting information by text message. Eligible voters may text “GA” or “Georgia” and then move to “2 VOTE” (28683). That is the link to the state Online Voter Registration (ONLVR) site. Then you can check the “My Voter Page.”


    The pilot project uses texting technology for citizens “so they can easily register to vote and stay informed through this important election cycle,” says Brian Kemp, Secretary of State for Georgia. State election officials expect that online voter registration on the My Voter Page and 2 Vote “will be for the benefit of current and future voters,” Kemp noted.


    Important notice: October 11th is the deadline for eligible Georgians to vote in the November 8th general election.


    –Dr. Paul Hudson

  • MARTASustainability

    MARTA Goes for Sustainability

    Saying one is “going green” by riding MARTA is a step towards better sustainability, considering of the en-vironment by conserving resources to support a longtime ecological balance. MARTA provides not only rapid public transit, but also is a leading organization in a vital societal goal: sustainability.


    MARTA is undergoing a thorough examination of its entire operations, evaluating its electricity use and plumbing to save energy and water. Instead of paper towels it uses high-efficiency hand dryers in restrooms and motion detector light with LED low energy bulbs.


    Sustainability efforts by MARTA, however, are truly comprehensive, in the form of detailed investment grade audits to measure all resources, especially energy and water. Beyond these costs, there is monitoring em-ployee retention and productivity. And as it grows and retrofits, MARTA facilities are marked by highest sus-tainability standards. These include the Buckhead Pedestrian Bridge, pictured above, the Laredo Bus Facility in Decatur and the Midtown Arts Station, all funded by competitive grants. MARTA   Read more...

  • 4Tips

    4 Tips For Helping Your Child Disconnect From the Electronic World

    Ever since Nintendo made the Pokemon Go video-game app available, young people have been exploring their communities with their eyes firmly fixed on their smartphones rather than on the wonders of the world.


    If endless hours spent capturing imaginary creatures seems like an electronic addiction, it very well may be, but that’s nothing new. Many children have been plugged into electronic devices for a long time now, rarely looking up as they help virtual animals save the day, keep race cars on track and watch endless loops of videos on YouTube.


    And that can be a concern, says Elaine Fogel Schneider, Ph.D., a therapist and author of “7 Strategies for Raising Calm, Inspired & Successful Children” (


    “They are so attached to technology at such an early age and it’s changing their brain circuitry,” Schneider says. “They begin to lose the back and forth communication with their parents, and/or siblings, and the whole notion of empathy. For really young children, these devices have become the babysitter. I fully understand that pare   Read more...

  • FlyingTigers

    Flying Tigers at Atlanta Warbird Weekend

    It’s important our children know that warbirds refer to vintage military aircraft, not angry birds equipped for battle. The famous WWII fighters with the shark-faced nose art will be on display at Peachtree DeKalb Airport dur-ing Atlanta Warbird Weekend September 24-25. This iconic art of the Flying Tigers remains among the most rec-ognizable image of any individual combat aircraft or combat unit of World War II. While the fighters will not be displayed in the sky, they will be along the tarmac for an exclusive look into the history of America’s warbirds.


    This year’s event is dedicated to the American Volunteers Group Flying Tigers 75th anniversary. To celebrate, the Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing out of Peachtree City is hopes to bring over ten P-40s to create the larg-est gathering of Curtis P-40 Warhawk since WWII.


    “In just 7 months of intense aerial combat,” says Atlanta Warbird Weekend chair Mo Aguiari, “the American Volunteers Group earned a lasting niche in aviation history.” Three of the surviving Flying Tigers will be present at the PDK r   Read more...

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