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  • WaffleHouseFounder

    Waffle House Co-Founder Joe Rogers Sr. Dies at 97

    Joe Rogers Sr., co-founder of the iconic Waffle House, died this past March at age 97. Born in rural Jackson, TN, he firmly believed that “people—your family, your friends your neighbors” are the most important parts in life. “All of your communication,” he wrote, “is person to person and everything you do is built around relation-ships.” Friendly people serving good food fast at affordable prices remains the essence of the Waffle House philosophy today.


    Working as a short-order cook in the 1950s for the Memphis-based Toddle House, Rogers decided to start his own diner with partner Tom Forkner. They opened their first store in 1955 at 2179 East College Avenue in Avondale Estates. The landmark building is now open once a month as a museum.


    By 1961 Rogers and Forkner had 4 diners. Waffle House—with its basic menu many know so well and its classic retro architecture—became a true southern phenomenon when it began franchising in the 1960s. Today Waffle House has more than 2,100 franchises in 25 states. My friends Jack and Marianne tell one of my favorite   Read more...

  • DunwoodyHSRobotics

    Dunwoody High School’s Newest Robotics Team Just Keeps on Rolling

    After an amazing performance at the State Championships in Athens last weekend, the rookie Dunwoody High School FIRST® Robotics Competition Team, WildCat 5e, accumulated enough points to finish the season ranked 6th in Georgia. This unprecedented, outstanding performance was enough to qualify the team for the World Champion-ships in Houston from April 19-22, where WildCat 5e will face tough competition from the best teams in the United States and around the globe.


    Humbled by the opportunities they have been granted as a result of their success, WildCat 5e blew away everyone’s expectations at the competitions (including their own!). At the beginning of the season, no one believed WildCat 5e would make it to the Houston competition; it wasn’t even on their radar. This dedicated group of kids and parent volunteers has worked harder than ever in order to raise the funds necessary to get them this far in the competition, and have done so in conjunction with their fantastic sponsors, friends, family, and generous members of the community who donated to assist them in reaching and   Read more...

  • ZooLibrary

    The Zoo Library Uses Hands-On Approach to Teach Conservation

    The Zoo Library is a hands-on, interactive conservation program with live animals serving schools, hospitals, libraries, senior centers, child care facilities, and community outreach programs in metro Atlanta.


    Local high school English teacher Holly Isserstedt and her husband Paul Suarez founded The Zoo Library when they saw an increasing need to put more interactive experiences in the classroom to promote project based learning and real world application.


    “What better way to to do this than with live animals.” Said Isserstedt. “As parents, we want the next gen-eration of children to learn more about our precious natural environments, eco-systems and protection and conservation for animals. One way of doing this is to educate students on proper habitats, safe handling, care and respect for all species. By caring for animals, children learn responsibility, compassion and the precious connection among all living things.”


    The Zoo Library crew includes pigmy hedgehogs, lop rabbits, a Russian tortoise, various snakes, hissing cockroaches, a panther c   Read more...

  • Interstate285

    I-285: Main Street in the Metro

    Estimates are that daily more than 2 million drivers use I-285, the busiest Interstate freeway in the ATL area. This beltway covering about 64 miles came to be known as The Perimeter. The entire completed loop opened in 1969 as a fourlane highway, two lanes each way, and has grown steadily. The freeway has helped many Atlantans learn to navigate the city’s considerable urban sprawl, making 285 one of the most heavily traveled roadways in the U.S.


    The worst part of driving The Perimeter is dreaded “rush hour,” much more than 60 minutes, when traffic slows to a crawl or goes into complete gridlock. Indeed for freeway drivers in the ATL, 285 has become a kind of Main Street in the metro. Bumper-to-bumper traffic on 285 has almost LA proportions when sections in the freeway, eight to 12 lanes wide in places, are slap full. The northern stretch of 285 east of the Cobb Cloverleaf (I-75 Interchange) to Spaghetti Junction (I-85 Interchange) in Doraville is known as the Top End. The dangerous interchange with SR 400 is some of the busiest traffic in the U.S., with about 250,000 cars   Read more...

  • PHOTO CREDIT: Rich von Biberstein

    Get Down and Dirty at 2017 Chamblee Fun Mud Run

    Registration is now open for the 2017 Chamblee Fun Mud Run taking place Saturday, April 29, 2017, at 8 a.m. at Chamblee Middle School.


    Celebrating its third year, the Chamblee Fun Mud Run 5K race features climbing and crawling obstacles, water features, mud pits, and fun for all ages. The Chamblee Fun Mud Run is co-hosted by Chamblee Middle School (CMS), the City of Chamblee and DeKalb County Fire & Rescue. Presenting Sponsor of the event, Ed Voyles Automotive Group, returns for the third consecutive year. All proceeds raised benefit the Chamblee Middle School Education Foundation (CMSEF).


    The largest single fundraiser for Chamblee Middle School, the Chamblee Fun Mud Run has quickly grown for the past two years from 800 to 1,200 participants. This unique spin on your “everyday 5K” has become a community hallmark, not only drawing more runners, but additional volunteers, spectators and sponsors year after year.


    “Building on the astounding success of the first two events, we are expecting 1,500 participants for the 2017 Mud Run, with a goal of raising m   Read more...

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