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  • BrookwoodStation

    Brookwood Station Turns 100

    Brookwood Railroad Station hovers almost precariously on Peachtree Road over the massive Interstate Connector. It is an elegantly designed reminder of a time long gone for both Atlanta and this part of the city. It was just 100 years ago in March of 1918 that it opened its doors to the public.


    Designed by architect Neel Reid, the principle designer for the prestigious firm of Hentz, Reid & Adler, the concrete building was faced with red brick and limestone trim. Separated by brick pilasters, there were three large Palladian entrances/windows facing Peachtree. Topped by a low pitched tile roof, the new sta-tion, called Peachtree Station originally, had a very utilitarian purpose. It was meant to alleviate the over-crowded traffic at Terminal Station in downtown Atlanta. Furthermore, it would accommodate the “citizens of Atlanta” by eliminating their need to travel an hour by car or streetcar to catch a passenger train.


    Southern Railroad proclaimed that it showed the company as “progressive” and attuned to the people of Atlanta and “at all times looking toward the betterm   Read more...
  • MaristAlum

    Marist Alum is NFL Coach of the Year

    As the pro football postseason ended with the Super Bowl this past February, the NFL announced that Sean McVay, a graduate of Marist in Brookhaven, is the league’s Coach of the Year. It’s all the more impressive because he’s the youngest head coach in NFL history.


    As coach of the Los Angeles Rams, McVay, 32, inherited a team that had only won 4 games in 2016. In 2017 he turned the team around with 11 wins. The Rams finished ahead of the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals, who had been leaders in the NFL West. “This truly is a team award,” said Coach McVay. “Such a blessing.”


    Sean McVay graduated from Marist in 2004, where he was a 4-year starter in varsity football as quar-terback and defensive back for the War Eagles. He led Marist to a 26-3 overall record, including 14-1 in his senior year with a state championship, when he was Georgia 4-A offensive player of the year.


    Sean has pro football in his blood. His granddad John McVay was general manager of the S.F. 49’ers that won 5 Super Bowls. Sean’s NFL coaching career is relatively short because of h   Read more...
  • First2018Baby

    First 2018 ATL Baby Born, First Clock Stroke of New Year

    The first baby born in the Metro in 2018 made arrival precisely at the stroke of midnight leading into Jan 1, just as the New Year was beginning. The perfect timing and healthy birth took place at Emory Mid-town Hospital, according to officials there. Baby Luca, a boy, came into the world weighing 6 pounds and 11 ounces.


    The official time for Little Luca’s birth was 12:00:00, according to Emory Healthcare spokeswoman Janet Christenbury. There had been a countdown in the delivery room and Baby Luca showed exactly when the countdown ended, at midnight and just getting into Jan. 1, 2018. Meanwhile, residents of the Metro were ringing in their New Year’s celebrations.


    Christenbury said the hospital identifies newborns and parents by only first names for safety reasons, and omits hometowns. The parents, Jillian and Antonio, were thrilled. Jillian and Luca were doing just fine. It turned out that a few hours later on Jan. 1, at 4:18 am, there was another newborn in the Emory Healthcare network, and Christenbury also announced the birth of Baby Stella at Emory Johns Creek Hospital.


  • SixTipsManageScreen

    Six Tips To Help You Manage Kids’ Screen Time

    If any of the nearly 51 million schoolchildren in America today is someone you care about, you may find this information on kids and the internet quite intriguing.


    To help your young students make the most of the online world while staying safe, heed these hints: 1. Share Space: Have a shared family computer in a common space. This lets you supervise your kids’ online time without hovering. 2. Limit Time: The length of an online session should match your child’s natural attention span. School-age kids’ brains can focus for about 30 minutes at a time, so they won’t really get much from ses-sions longer than that. A good idea is to set a schedule of computer time with dinner acting as a halftime. 3. Increase Freedom: Gradually give your children freedom to decide how to use the internet as they grow into teenagers. They will probably push for more freedom, a natural part of preparing for adulthood. Trust your teens to make good decisions and appropriately manage time online. 4. Turn To Technology: Everyone has preferred shows or spaces online and can watch anywhere via tablets   Read more...
  • AlchemySkyGrant

    Alchemy Sky Receives Imlay Foundation Grant

    The Alchemy Sky Foundation recently received an imporant grant from the Imlay Foundation. The money will help Alchemy continue and expand its program offering music therapy to elderly and/or disa-bled veterans in Georgia.


    Jaye Budd, executive director of Alchemy Sky, stated that with “this additional support, we can double our current programming for our military service men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.” ASF hires board certified music therapists to lead their therapy sessions. These sessions average fourteen veterans and last for about an hour.


    Budd started Alchemy Sky because there is no funding for musical therapy aimed at veterans. The therapists perform but also do much more. Veterans join in on percussion instruments, tell stories, sing and interact with other residents and nursing facility and VA Hospital staffs.


    “We are grateful for the support of the Imlay Foundation,” concluded Budd. ASF continues its mission of partnering with “organizations in the community as well as a broad based network of music and health professionals to create   Read more...
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