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    Get Down and Dirty at 2017 Chamblee Fun Mud Run

    Registration is now open for the 2017 Chamblee Fun Mud Run taking place Saturday, April 29, 2017, at 8 a.m. at Chamblee Middle School.


    Celebrating its third year, the Chamblee Fun Mud Run 5K race features climbing and crawling obstacles, water features, mud pits, and fun for all ages. The Chamblee Fun Mud Run is co-hosted by Chamblee Middle School (CMS), the City of Chamblee and DeKalb County Fire & Rescue. Presenting Sponsor of the event, Ed Voyles Automotive Group, returns for the third consecutive year. All proceeds raised benefit the Chamblee Middle School Education Foundation (CMSEF).


    The largest single fundraiser for Chamblee Middle School, the Chamblee Fun Mud Run has quickly grown for the past two years from 800 to 1,200 participants. This unique spin on your “everyday 5K” has become a community hallmark, not only drawing more runners, but additional volunteers, spectators and sponsors year after year.


    “Building on the astounding success of the first two events, we are expecting 1,500 participants for the 2017 Mud Run, with a goal of raising m   Read more...

  • SavingsAccount

    K−12 Education Savings Accounts and How They’re Changing Kids’ Lives

    If you’re like many American parents, you may not be aware of a way to give your children a better education at little or no cost to you.


    How It Works A program known as education savings accounts (ESAs) lets parents withdraw their children from a public dis-trict or charter school that’s not working for them and get a deposit of public funds into government-authorized sav-ings accounts with restricted but multiple uses. Those funds—often distributed via debit card—can cover private school tuition and fees, online learning programs, private tutoring, community college costs, higher education ex-penses and other approved customized learning services and materials. Some ESAs can even be used to pay for a combination of public school courses and private services.


    One Girl’s Story

    Consider the case of Valerie McMurray from Arizona. Her birth mother was a heroin addict and an alcoholic all throughout her pregnancy, and because of that, she was born prematurely and with cerebral palsy—a muscle disorder caused by damage to the brain, normally before birth. McMurr   Read more...

  • IndianLands

    Gwinnett, DeKalb were Indian Lands Sold by Lottery

    If you reside in Gwinnett or DeKalb, then you’re on land once held by the Creek Indians. In the early history of Georgia, the British claimed land, mainly for large plantations, under authority of royal charters. But after independence when Americans moved west, officials in Georgia distributed three-quarters of the state’s land through a lottery system to benefit white yeoman farmers.


    There were eight land lotteries in Georgia from 1805 to 1833, but it was the ones in 1820-1821 that led to white settlement in Gwinnett and then in DeKalb. Common men received lottery lands based on eligibility and chance, paying miniscule amounts averaging 7 cents per acre for lots typically 202.5 acres.


    Actual lotteries typically took place in the antebellum capital of Milledgeville, where commissioners randomly drew names out of rolling drums. U.S veterans from the Revolutionary War, 1812, or Indian Wars, got precedence, but other classifications included families with three-year residence requirements. Participation fee was a hefty $19, but winning meant bargain land prices. The   Read more...

  • MartaReplace

    MARTA to Replace Rail Cars by 2026

    MARTA, one of the important contributors to help address gridlock in the Atlanta area, has embarked on a program to replace all of its rapid transit cars by 2026 when whey will have reached their lifespan. Concurrently, there is reinforcement of maintenance plans for a car safety and extension program. All MARTA cars have already had their mid-life overhaul, but are still due for massive replacement within the next decade.


    The vision for future MARTA train cars is innovative. New ones will be designed to also work on streetcars, electrically powered by a third rail mounted in the tracks. Another aspect of projected new MARTA train cars is that they will be configured to travel on freight rails. That feature would be useful for planning rapid transit all the way out to Clayton County.


    A chief concern of MARTA, as it seeks advice from the train car industry, is to find the right product in order to protect itself from early obsolescence. Technology to employ must be new, but not so much that it is problem-prone. MARTA desires to not just preserve the status quo, but to expan   Read more...
  • ThaiIceCream

    Atlanta Screams over New Thai Ice Cream

    The latest dessert trend is rolled ice cream-the artfully made ice cream was first introduced in Thailand and has now taken the sweet tooth scene by storm.


    Rolled ice cream is like the frozen slab technique of preparing ice cream with a new twist, literally. An ice cream base is poured over a metal plate that gets as cold as -15 degrees Fahreneheit. Metal paddles chop and smash in toppings and spread the mixture into a thin layer. In just two minutes, the ice cream firms up and it’s scraped into chubby rolls, ready to serve. I-CE NY, originally from NYC, recently opened the first Atlanta location on Buford Hwy. The small shop between BoBo Garden and Subway has a wide variety of ice cream selections and create-your-own desserts. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for something Asian, like Thai tea or matcha green tea, or something distinctly southern, like Banana Pudding or Peach Ice cream. Chocolate lovers obsess over “Chocorilla” with chocolate ice cream, banana, Oreo, Pocky and Nutella sauce.


    5177 Buford Hwy., Doraville, GA 30340 icenyice  

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