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  • BuffordHWY

    Cultivating Community Along the Buford Highway Corridor

    When Rebekah Morris was teaching English and Journalism to ninth-graders at Cross Keys High School, she challenged her students to take an active part in their community through a school project called Unify BuHi.


    The students wrote out proposals and solutions to address their concerns and presented their ideas dur-ing an exhibit at Plaza Fiesta. They attended community meetings and events and took part in beautification projects along the Buford Highway Corridor. “We would talk about why are we the only people who live in apartments at these community meetings. “ Said Morris, who has since left teaching to work full time as a community organizer.


    From those conversations Morris came up with the initial idea for Los Vecinos De Buford Highway (The Neighbors of Buford Highway.) ”From my experience living in working class neighborhoods with a lot of low income people, a lot of immigrants, I saw the disconnect between those communities and schools trying to get news out by social media, Eblasts or newspapers about a meeting or grade reports or volunteer opportuni   Read more...

  • Handwriting

    How I Became an Analyst, Author, Teacher and Entertainer Using Handwriting and Signature Analysis

    On October 23, 1972, while on crew rest on an Air Force mission, I was in the lobby of the Hilton Ho-tel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I sat down at a table with Florry Nadall, author of Pen in Hand: A Simplified Guide to “Instant” Handwriting Analysis. From my handwriting and signature, she proceeded to tell me how I relate to others and my dominate personality traits. For example if angry I burn rather than ex-plode. I’m energetic, enthusiastic and I empathize with others. Her insights were impressive. I bought her book and learned she was known world-wide and had analyzed personalities such as President John Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline, New York City Mayor Robert Wagner, Cardinal Francis Spellman, Hollywood actors and numerous others.


    Months later I took an Eight Basic Steps course in Sandy Springs, Georgia, given by Myna Bentley of the International Graphoanalysis Society. In spite of my active-reserve duty in the Air National Guard, John Hancock Life and Health Insurance business and the arrival of a fourth child, I studied and became a Certified Graphoanalyst in 1   Read more...

  • MetroTrails

    Some Metro Trails with Shade to Beat the Heat

    Now that the Peachtree Road Race is over, Hometown readers who run or walk distances may be looking for different, cooler places to do their miles. All of these public routes provide shady tree shelter with forest canopies, many with picturesque bridges over creeks and stream-filled marshlands. They’re scenic and flat or gently rolling terrain. These trails are mostly short, lending themselves to an early finish or an extra lap. Three of the best run/walk trails follow.


    South Peachtree Creek Trail (2 mi), 874 Gaylemont Circle at Medlock Park in Decatur 30033 is perhaps the most unique, as pictured in our headline photo. Murphey Candler Trail (2 mi.), 1551 W. Nancy Creek Dr. is beside the lake at Murphey Candler Park in Brookhaven 30219. Tribble Mill Park Trail (2.8 mi.), 2125 Trib-ble Mill Pkwy. in Lawrenceville 30045 winds around Azora Lake.


    All these shady trails alleviate the summer heat we still have and are great to taper training until cooler weather comes this fall. It’s worthwhile to drive to them. Your mileage may vary! For more information, go to atlantat   Read more...

  • BPD5KRun

    Brookhaven Police Department Fourth Annual Hot-Pursuit 5K Run | Tot Trot

    The Hot Pursuit 5K Run will be held on September 9, 2017 in the City of Brookhaven. The run includes a 5K and Tot Trot. The race starts on Peachtree Road near Dresden Drive at 8:00 P.M. and promises to be a great time for all ages and abilities.


    The route will take participants down Dresden Drive before winding through the scenic Ashford Park neighborhood. The course will be staffed by volunteers to provide assistance to runners. The Brookhaven Police Department will handle traffic control and will be at all intersections.


    The Hot Pursuit 5K will be electronically timed for fast, accurate results. The race will conclude with a postrace ceremony in which awards will be presented in multiple categories and age groups. All Proceeds Will Be Used to Support the Brookhaven Police Department’s “Shop with a Badge” Christmas Program The Shop with a Badge or similarly named programs are held in numerous law enforcement agencies across the country. All funds raised through race registration fees, donations and corporate sponsorships will be divided up equally amongst our c   Read more...

  • PollinatorsBees

    Pollinators: More Than Just Bees

    Bees are synonymous with pollination—and for good reason. Their size, shape and physical characteristics—fuzzy bodies that so effectively collect and transport pollen—make them efficient foragers. Additionally, they are conditioned to collect ample pollen to take back to their brood, a behavior that has helped reinforce their reputation as “busy bees.”


    It’s important to recognize, however, that other insects and animals contribute to pollination, the important process of collecting and distributing pollen to help plants reproduce and bear food. Research conducted in recent years suggests that the combined activity of nonbee pollinators—such as flies, bats and butterflies—can be just as valuable to pollination as bees.


    Meet The Lesser-Known Pollinators A black-and-yellow-striped insect hovering above a flower is not always a bee. Some flies—such as flower flies, or hoverflies—resemble bees; for this reason, they’re called bee mimics. Several plant species—most notably, the cocoa tree—rely exclusively on fly pollination. Without flies, there w   Read more...

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