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  • Buckhead

    Namesake of Buckhead

    Today Buckhead, the affluent uptown district of Atlanta, is one of the major commercial and financial cen-ters of the southeast. With its high-rise office towers, hotels, condos and retail space, it is hard to think that Buckhead was once a 1830s frontier outpost with no large city nearby. It was about then that Buckhead derived its unusual and rustic name.


    In 1838, after the Georgia lottery selling Indian land for low prices, Henry Irby purchased for $650 about 200 acres around today’s intersection of Peachtree, Roswell and West Paces Ferry Roads. Briefly known as Irbyville, it was really just a wood frame general store near a few farms in the remote wilderness.


    Some stories are truer than others, but the often told account is that a deer hunter, John Whitely, killed a magnificent buck in the general area of Irbyville. He put the stuffed head on display on the Peachtree wagon road and for a time it became an awe-inspiring landmark as settlement continued. By 1840 the Georgia legis-lature designated Irbyville as an election polling place “known as Buck Head” and   Read more...

  • MitchellHouse

    Visiting the Margaret Mitchell House

    Seventy five years ago, the epic film “Gone With The Wind” hit movie theaters nationwide and it all began in a tiny apartment just off Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta. That apartment and the house itself have been lov-ingly preserved and restored as a shrine to the book, film and its author in the Margaret Mitchell House Museum. I recently made a visit to this Atlanta landmark.


    Owned and operated by the highly professional staff of the Atlanta History Center, the Margaret Mitchell House is a delightful step back in time. The original Sheehan family home at Peachtree and 10th streets is a help-ful reminder of the grand homes which once lined Atlanta’s most famous thoroughfare. About 100 years ago, however, the home was turned into apartments, and the tiny downstairs apartment facing Crescent Avenue was home to the newlywed Margaret Mitchell Marsh and the birthplace of her novel set in 19th century Atlanta.


    The Marsh apartment takes up only a small space in the basement level of this large late Victorian house. The main floor is now a gallery and has the “St   Read more...

  • MealsOnWheelsAnniversary

    Celebrities Help Meals on Wheels Celebrate Anniversary

    Mayor Kasim Reed, Atlanta Falcon’s players Joe Hawley and Lamar Holmes and local elementary students participated in the delivery of Meals On Wheels Atlanta’s 3.4 millionth meal for the organization’s 50th anniver-sary kick-off celebration. Since 1965, Meals On Wheels Atlanta has provided critical services to local seniors.


    “In 50 years, we’ve been able to accomplish so much,” said, Jeff Smythe, executive director - Meals On Wheels Atlanta. “When the meal delivery program began, we delivered 75 meals a year. Now, we deliver more than 130,000 nourishing meals annually to frail or homebound seniors in Atlanta.”


    Originally founded as Senior Citizen Services, the organization has grown from simply delivering meals to managing seven senior centers, an adult day care center for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s and completing more than 1,200 home repairs annually to keep seniors living independently for as long as possible.


    Smythe said, “We currently have 307 seniors on the waiting list to receive meals, and another 314 on the home repairs wai   Read more...

  • HomelessVet

    Former Homeless Vet Works to Get Homeless into Housing

    “When I came home [from the military] I got married, had a wife and 3 children,” said Nathan Jackson, a U.S. Army veteran. “I worked every day taking care of my family doing what I was supposed to do.”


    In 2011, Jackson lost his job.


    “I had separated from my wife, I had enough money saved to take care of myself for 6 months,” said Jackson, who had moved to Atlanta from New York to take care of his ailing mother. When the money ran out Jackson gave up his apartment, put his belongings in his van and started driving around. One day Jackson came across a place called the Veterans Empowerment Organization, which provides housing and support services for veterans. Soon he had a per-manent place to live and was working for the United Way of Greater Atlanta as a member of the Home-to-Street: Peers Reaching Out Team (PRO) comprised of formerly homeless individuals who build relationships with the homeless community.


    “We go out early each morning wherever homeless people sleep, we walk up to them and say good morning,” said Jackson. “We ask them if   Read more...

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