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  • MartaReplace

    MARTA to Replace Rail Cars by 2026

    MARTA, one of the important contributors to help address gridlock in the Atlanta area, has embarked on a program to replace all of its rapid transit cars by 2026 when whey will have reached their lifespan. Concurrently, there is reinforcement of maintenance plans for a car safety and extension program. All MARTA cars have already had their mid-life overhaul, but are still due for massive replacement within the next decade.


    The vision for future MARTA train cars is innovative. New ones will be designed to also work on streetcars, electrically powered by a third rail mounted in the tracks. Another aspect of projected new MARTA train cars is that they will be configured to travel on freight rails. That feature would be useful for planning rapid transit all the way out to Clayton County.


    A chief concern of MARTA, as it seeks advice from the train car industry, is to find the right product in order to protect itself from early obsolescence. Technology to employ must be new, but not so much that it is problem-prone. MARTA desires to not just preserve the status quo, but to expan   Read more...
  • ThaiIceCream

    Atlanta Screams over New Thai Ice Cream

    The latest dessert trend is rolled ice cream-the artfully made ice cream was first introduced in Thailand and has now taken the sweet tooth scene by storm.


    Rolled ice cream is like the frozen slab technique of preparing ice cream with a new twist, literally. An ice cream base is poured over a metal plate that gets as cold as -15 degrees Fahreneheit. Metal paddles chop and smash in toppings and spread the mixture into a thin layer. In just two minutes, the ice cream firms up and it’s scraped into chubby rolls, ready to serve. I-CE NY, originally from NYC, recently opened the first Atlanta location on Buford Hwy. The small shop between BoBo Garden and Subway has a wide variety of ice cream selections and create-your-own desserts. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for something Asian, like Thai tea or matcha green tea, or something distinctly southern, like Banana Pudding or Peach Ice cream. Chocolate lovers obsess over “Chocorilla” with chocolate ice cream, banana, Oreo, Pocky and Nutella sauce.


    5177 Buford Hwy., Doraville, GA 30340 icenyice  

  • Pandas

    Ya Lun and Xi Lun: 2016 Panda Cubs Named at Zoo Atlanta

    On September 3, 2016 Lun Lun, a 19-year old giant panda at Zoo Atlanta, gave birth to her second set of fe-male twins. Following an ancient Chinese custom, the 2016 Atlanta-born twins were to receive their symbolic names on their 100th Day Celebration. Tradition holds that when a youngster reaches 100 days, he or she has survived the fragility of infancy and is on track for a successful future.


    Zoo Atlanta had an online popular vote to name its newest panda cubs, with choices of seven pairs of Chinese names that all ended in Lun with a reference to their mother. And so the world named these adorable twins Ya Lun (Ya means elegant) and Xi Lun (Xi means happy). Indeed, Ya Lun is elegant and Xi Lun is happy.


    “The permanence of names gives us a celebration of achievement of the giant panda program at Zoo Atlanta,” said Raymond B. King, President and CEO. “It’s also a tribute to our panda care team, helping Lun Lun raise two heathy thriving cubs.” According to Animal Planet updates, babies Ya Lun and Xi Lun are doing well together in their nest box and receiving   Read more...

  • NorfolkSouthern

    Norfolk Southern Rolls through Many Hometowns

    One of the omnipresent sounds in Atlanta are railroad horns in the distance. Even as I write this, I can hear their echoes. Growing up in Brookhaven and Chamblee in the 1960s, the first train I knew was the old Southern Railway, which made its way from the northeast into the city by way of Duluth and Norcross, then heading past Lenox into Atlanta on rails more or less parallel to Peachtree.


    By the early 1980s, the Norfolk Southern, a holding company of the Southern Railway, had formed. Its vast network of rail lines was headquartered in Norfolk, VA and extended to 22 states in the eastern U.S. Norfolk Southern has a Georgia division that blankets the state with Atlanta North and Atlanta South districts and a Nor-cross district as well.


    Downtown Chamblee has an office building resembling a train station and a general freight classification train yard. In Inman Park there is an Intermodal classification yard as well, and both properties are visible on MARTA routes that run by these sites. Passenger trains, a real throwback, stop at Brookwood, Atlanta’s only working st   Read more...

  • FernbankLINKS

    Fernbank LINKS Offers Exciting STEM Programs for Students

    Fernbank LINKS offers middle and high school students a STEM organization based program at Fernbank Science Center. The program is devoted to building robots, developing minds and changing lives. The Fernbank LINKS team is made up of students from 22 different schools in the Atlanta area including public, private and home schools.


    Fernbank LINKS is designed to inspire a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in students, with a focus on introducing children and young adults to the possibilities and rewards of the STEM fields through education and hands-on experience, leadership skills and the technical knowledge necessary to pursue careers in these fields and succeed in a global community.


    Fernbank LINKS programs include Science Night Out, which offers hands-on STEM activities led by Fernbank scientists, LINKS Robotics high school students, and mentors of the LINKS Robotics team.


    The Fernbank Robotics Competition Team 4468 has competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition since 2013. The competition challenges student with strict g   Read more...

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