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  • BravesComeToAtlanta

    The Braves Come to Atlanta – Can It Be 50 Years?

    This year Atlanta marks the 50th anniversary of the city’s first major league sports team. For those of us who remember the turbulent decade of the 1960s, it may not be surprising that the move of the Bos-ton/Milwaukee Braves was not a smooth one way back in 1965-66. In fact, the 1965 season was one of uncertainty and the Braves could well be described as a team with two hometowns.


    While Milwaukee fought to keep the franchise from moving south that year, the Braves had one of the most unusual seasons in baseball history. The team came to its new “hometown” in a series of un-official games against other major league clubs on its “off days.” It also played a three game series against the Detroit Tigers in the brand new Atlanta Stadium built for them. In June 1965, the “Milwau-kee/Atlanta” Braves took on the Chicago White Sox in one of their “off day” games.

    The “Atlanta” Braves came away with a 5-1 victory but with another, even more impressive, statis-tic. The new stadium was filled with over 24,000 fans. Along with the three exhibition games agains   Read more...

  • MomFriends

    Moms Need Mom Friends

    When you were in college, you may have gone through a season of your life where you had as many guy friends as girlfriends. It may have been easier, less drama and better parties. But every woman needs a good girlfriend, especially after she has kids. Not only do you need a girlfriend after kids, but you need a mom friend. Moms give other moms what no one else can: emotional support for those days you’re sure you’re losing it; physical support when you need an extra pair of arms, legs or a spare car seat; and spiritual support when you need to hear, “Keep the faith; this too shall pass.”


    Mom friends understand when the house smells like dirty diapers, or will talk over a colicky baby without batting an eye. Mom friends understand you crying in the middle of the afternoon be-cause you can’t button your favorite dress, and they listen while you vent about your partner com-ing home late or being on a business trip leaving you alone with the kids. Mom friends are the backbone of every mom at some time or another.


    Throughout every mother’s life – from the birth of her firs   Read more...
  • LighteningStrike

    Lightning Strike Survivor an Advocate for Healthy Living

    Gail Skinner has run the natural food department at the Embry Hills Kroger for six years, she’s a been a fitness instructor for over 30 years, worked as a DJ and singer and has been struck by lightning and and lived to talk about it. “ Eighteen years ago Skinner grabbed the telephone at a fitness center where she worked as an in-structor. It was storming outside and Skinner recalled “it was like I heard my mothers voice saying-don’t pick that phone up. I remember seeing a flash of light, a ball of fire went up the phone line and the next thing it [phone] was thrown from my hand and I was thrown back. “80 percent of lightning strike survivors sustain long-term injuries, and Skinner is no exception, but you would never know it. “I was always the optimistic one,” she said. “I’m a miracle-I feel like for some reason God kept me on this earth – maybe it’s to work with people. I used to question it but I don’t anymore.”


    Skinner continued to work as a fitness instructor following the accident. “Teaching the water aerobics classes all these years has helped   Read more...

  • ChargingStation

    DeKalb Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    DeKalb Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Stations DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May and Dist. 6 Commissioner Kathie Gannon look on as Charles Mason, Assistant Director of DeKalb County Public Works Department demonstrates the electric vehicle charging station at DeKalb County Sanitation Division’s Central Transfer Station on Leroy Scott Drive in Decatur. Photo by Dean Hesse


    DeKalb County hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Sanitation Division’s Central Transfer station to unveil one of the four electric vehicle charging stations now available for use by the public.


    “We’re proud that DeKalb plays a leading role in Atlanta’s ranking as second in the nation for electric car ownership, and excited our residents can take part in our sustainability efforts and re-duced emissions by using these stations,” said DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May.


    Partial funding for the installation of three of the charging stations is provided through the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority’s (GEFA) “Georgia Charge” program, which allows   Read more...

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