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  • CDCmuseum

    CDC Museum for Science Geeks

    If you are a science or healthcare geek, one of the best places to visit in Atlanta is the Center for Disease Control Museum. Officially known as the David J. Sencer Museum, this strikingly modern facil-ity is located in a stunningly beautiful building near the main CDC entrance on Clifton Road.


    With three levels, the museum offers rotating new exhibits and a comprehensive history of Public Health and the CDC. Growing out of the 1798 Marine Hospital which served merchant seamen, the Public Health Service evolved to guard the general health of the nation and insure the general good health of im-migrants. In 1946, the CDC was established in downtown Atlanta before its move to the current location following a land grant from Emory University.


    The history part of the museum charts the various and multi-faceted programs of the Center with some beautiful and sometimes frightening artifacts like the large iron lung on display. Visitors can learn about the CDC’s [or the Public Health Service] role in programs from polio, smallpox, Legionnaire’s disease, syphilis [and other   Read more...

  • FourSpringTips

    4 Spring & Summer Safety Tips for Pet People

    Winter is over. In fact, it’s long gone. Most of us have abandoned our hibernation caves and traded the chill dark days for some sunnier romps outside. And we aren’t the only excited ones either -- you can bet your pet is just as ready to paw on some fresh grass and soak up a few rays of their own.


    Stop and Smell the Roses This time of year brings a beautiful bouquet of colors, sights, and smells, but humans aren’t the only ones who get their olfactories abuzz with the fresh flowers springing to life at every turn. Your dog, and even cat, dig the bright new blooms, but make sure you are aware of where their nose and mouth goes. Several readily prevalent plants and flowers are actually toxic to pets, so read up on which blossoms are beautiful, and which are just plain bad for the extra member of your family.


    Cleaning House We don’t know what it is about spring the makes us want to clean everything -- yet it always does. Most of us toss out a lot of unneeded junk from the closets and corners of our home, but most of us also bring in a lot of new chemicals and c   Read more...

  • ShoottheHooch

    Shoot the Hooch to Protect Our Endangered Waterway

    “Travel is smooth and the current is light. Light diffuses and glitters off the waves of our oars. It’s surprising how quickly time goes by. The sounds of the road disappear. All you can hear are the splashes of our paddles as our boats slip through the water,” said Lynn McIntyre about paddling on the Chattahoochee River.


    While Atlanta’s river is scenic and serene, the Chattahoochee’s health has not had smooth sailing. McIntyre, senior director of community relations at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, said the Chatta-hoochee serves 3.5 million Georgians and 70% of metro Atlantans, yet is labeled as the country’s most endangered waterway. Disputes between Georgia, Alabama and Florida on how the water is shared and used has led to rough waters, yet organizations like the Chattahoochee Nature Center ensure that the river is protected, and enjoyed.


    McIntyre believes that if people can actively enjoy the river, they will be much more likely to advocate for its protection. “When we return from a paddle, it all finally makes sense, we understand in our hearts   Read more...

  • Treehouse

    Fantasy Fulfilled: Buckhead Treehouses

    Atlanta, known for “trees in search of a city” is becoming known for having picturesque houses away up in its heavily forested environs. Known as the Buckhead Treehouses, these castles are fascinating and, to many, ful-fill childhood fantasies of when kids had exclusive club meetings high off the ground. There is nothing like a treehouse to make one feel so gloriously “above it all” with a great perspective, looking down upon an enchanted forest.


    Hidden away in Buckhead is a unique treehouse property with three rooms, a living area, bedroom and observa-tion deck, all connected by rope bridges with bathrooms nearby. The property feeds adult fantasies of those who en-joyed treehouses in their youth, or wished that they did. Airbnb, the online room rentals site, has listed the Buckhead Treehouses as the most desirable place to stay in the world for a getaway, not for its size or conventional grandeur, but because the property is simply one of a kind.


    Somewhat like the Tarzan and Jane treehouse in old movies, trees run right through the rooms. They have, among othe   Read more...

  • RailwayMuseum

    Southeastern Railway Museum Spring 2016

    Duluth’s hidden gem, the Southeastern Railway Museum, was designated Georgia’s Official Transportation His-tory Museum this yearby a resolution of the state legislature in 2001 and is just south of downtown Duluth. The mu-seum is home to over 90 pieces of retired railway rolling stock: trains from the 1920’s to the 1970’s including vin-tage steam and diesel locomotives, passenger and private cars, WWII troop kitchen, railway post office car, wooden freight cars, baggage cars, cabooses, and maintenance of way equipment. The museum is also home to buses from MARTA’s historic fleet and predecessor systems, vintage cabs and firefighting equipment, and more.


    The 1871 Duluth Depot has been restored onsite and now features a variety of exhibits both permanent & travelling. Permanent exhibits include artifacts from the museum’s collection. Travelling exhibits include artifacts from and organized by the Duluth Historical Society including an exhibit related to neighboring cities titled “City’s of the Rail”.


    This month features the annual Caboose Days event on   Read more...

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