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  • JeopardyChamp

    Oglethorpe Prof is Threefold Jeopardy! Champ

    On the world’s most famous gameshow, Dr. Philip Tiu, Professor of Mathematics at Oglethorpe University, became a big time Jeopardy! Champion from March 14-16, before admitting defeat on the March 17 episode. Of the hundreds of stars on the popular long-running show, few have had the lucrative rewards, daring strategy, homespun humor and endearing qualities of Philip Tiu. His TV exposure gained a huge social media following, making him a worldwide sensation.


    Philip said the highlight of his run was the pivotal second game episode. He boldly doubled a $19,000 wager to the prompt: “The country’s busiest port, this southwestern Canadian city is about 15 miles from the U.S. border.” Unsure if the answer was Victoria or Vancouver, Tiu hesitated until the last moment. The suspense was palpable. According to the rules answered haltingly with the question, “What is Vancouver?” He was correct and pandemonium reigned in the studio and in a massive TV audience.


    Philip later became the toast of Vancouver, vowing in Canadian interviews that he would “kiss the ground”   Read more...

  • PaulOllinger

    Brookhaven’s Funny Neighbor Paul Ollinger

    Dunwoody native Paul Ollinger is back, bringing with him the perfect mixture of comedy and wisdom. Ollinger is a social media veteran, having worked a one of the original 250 employees at Facebook and Ya-hoo. He holds a BA from Rhodes College and an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. After living all across the country, the speaker, writer and comedian now calls Brookhaven home.


    Ollinger got his start onstage at St. Pius X Catholic School, participating in numerous school plays. Despite always being a jokester, it wasn’t until he went to business school that he considered stand-up comedy. “I told jokes at talent show at business school and it lit a fire in me. Stress and camaraderie creates a perfect environment for comedy. Everyone was going through the same experience which provided some great material,” Ollinger said. Inspired by his MBA journey, Ollinger started writing a funny book about business and created a guidebook for people going through the lengthy, competitive process of applying to business school. The book is titled You Should Totally Get an M   Read more...

  • Treehouse

    Fantasy Fulfilled: Buckhead Treehouses

    Atlanta, known for “trees in search of a city” is becoming known for having picturesque houses away up in its heavily forested environs. Known as the Buckhead Treehouses, these castles are fascinating and, to many, ful-fill childhood fantasies of when kids had exclusive club meetings high off the ground. There is nothing like a treehouse to make one feel so gloriously “above it all” with a great perspective, looking down upon an enchanted forest.


    Hidden away in Buckhead is a unique treehouse property with three rooms, a living area, bedroom and observa-tion deck, all connected by rope bridges with bathrooms nearby. The property feeds adult fantasies of those who en-joyed treehouses in their youth, or wished that they did. Airbnb, the online room rentals site, has listed the Buckhead Treehouses as the most desirable place to stay in the world for a getaway, not for its size or conventional grandeur, but because the property is simply one of a kind.


    Somewhat like the Tarzan and Jane treehouse in old movies, trees run right through the rooms. They have, among othe   Read more...

  • RailwayMuseum

    Southeastern Railway Museum Spring 2016

    Duluth’s hidden gem, the Southeastern Railway Museum, was designated Georgia’s Official Transportation His-tory Museum this yearby a resolution of the state legislature in 2001 and is just south of downtown Duluth. The mu-seum is home to over 90 pieces of retired railway rolling stock: trains from the 1920’s to the 1970’s including vin-tage steam and diesel locomotives, passenger and private cars, WWII troop kitchen, railway post office car, wooden freight cars, baggage cars, cabooses, and maintenance of way equipment. The museum is also home to buses from MARTA’s historic fleet and predecessor systems, vintage cabs and firefighting equipment, and more.


    The 1871 Duluth Depot has been restored onsite and now features a variety of exhibits both permanent & travelling. Permanent exhibits include artifacts from the museum’s collection. Travelling exhibits include artifacts from and organized by the Duluth Historical Society including an exhibit related to neighboring cities titled “City’s of the Rail”.


    This month features the annual Caboose Days event on   Read more...

  • AHCTimeCapsule

    Atlanta History Center Exhibit Is a Time Capsule

    Atlanta in 50 Objects, an exhibit on display through July 10, takes a time capsule approach to Atlanta’s past. Time capsules, consisting of artifacts thought to be representative of a period of time, involve highly selective choices that attempt to subjectively define a particular place or thing.


    When the Atlanta History Center staff organized this exhibit with a “magic number” of 50 city-defining pieces they decided that Atlantans themselves, through online platforms such as Facebook as well as old-fashioned suggestion boxes, should provide the basis for an original list. Whittling down about 300 possibilities to 50 objects, History Center reps were pleased with broad participation in the public exhibit, an unorthodox, de-mocratic approach not usually taken by fine museums.


    The artifacts on display somehow convey Atlanta in 50 objects as the exhibit title promises. Reflecting a thoughtful time capsule, the selection is random yet comprehensive. Pieces vary wildly in size from an archaeo-logical Native American small scraper to a big old Rambling Wreck from Georgi   Read more...

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