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  • PublicArt

    Public Art Enhances the Old Fourth Ward

    The Old Fourth Ward is booming. New housing and restoration/renovation of older structures into modernized single family homes, apartments and industrial style condos, along with the proliferation of restaurants, bars and small shops of all kinds has meant a huge increase in pedestrian “traffic.” Accompanying that growth has been a community awareness of the importance of public art.


    The bridge over Freedom Parkway at Highland is a delightful case in point. The concrete pedestrian wall is covered in a bright, lively blue paint and further adorned with folk art style figures, animals and flowers. This artwork cannot help but bring a smile even to the most disgruntled of people passing by.


    The intersection is also fortunate to have a massive “sculpture” by noted artist Sol LeWitt [1928-2007]. “54 Columns” is a minimalist creation of concrete block pillars of varying heights referencing the city’s skyline. It was erected in a spacious greenspace of trees and grass but has an industrial feel that always provokes thoughts about meaning/significance. This is especially   Read more...
  • DarganHouse

    Historic Dargan House Shines in Midtown

    “Among the substantial citizens and trustworthy business men of Atlanta is Milton Dargan.” This is the way a 1917 biography described the man who built one of Piedmont Avenue’s most impressive homes. Located on the east side of the busy Midtown street just north of Ponce De Leon, the stately colonial revival house remains much as it first appeared in 1896, a real survivor on an avenue where even the better preserved historic homes have lost major features of their original appearance.


    Milton Dargan came to Atlanta from Texas in the 1880s as a regional insurance executive specializing in fire insurance. Born in South Carolina, he had attended Furman University and spent three years [not graduating] at the United States Naval Academy of Annapolis. Continuing his successful ways, he moved in the city’s most elite circles and became an avid amateur golfer in the days of Bobby Jones. Belonging to the Capital City Club’s Brookhaven Golf Club, he was also national vice president of the United States Golf Association [USGA]. If that were not enough, he also served as president of t   Read more...
  • StreetArt

    Website Offers Self-Guided Tours of Atlanta Street Art

    Art Rudick says he always had an interest in art but never had the talent to be an actual artist. He did design and build furniture for a few years, but after one woodworking accident too many Rudick said his wife insisted he give up the hobby while he still had all his fingers. On a trip to New York to see his niece, the Coca Cola retiree and Old Fourth Ward resident became fascinated with the street art he saw while on a walking tour of Brooklyn. He opened an Instagram account and posted the photos he took of the Brooklyn murals.


    Energized with a new-found passion for street art, Rudick began searching the internet for information and locations of his hometown murals. He says the sites he found were not specific enough or outdated so he began following local artists on Instagram and driving around the neighborhoods and checking Google Street View.


    Rudick decided his retirement hobby would be building a website that made it easy for people to tour Atlanta’s street art. The site is called Atlanta Street Art Map and it went live last December with maps and archives of over 300   Read more...
  • StoneMtnLaserShow

    Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular: Summer Show in 35th Year

    Summer begins Thursday June 21 at 3:08 am but that’s a technicality. A sure sign that the season’s begun is after Memorial Day weekend, when the Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular is shown every night in June conditions permitting, and on through early August. This ATL tradition is entering its 35th year, so 2018 is a milestone for the beaming lasers and lights with pyrotechnic presentations that have continually grown over the years, from when the original program had its debut back in 1983.


    In 2008 for the 25th anniversary of the Lasershow both sound and pyro were amped up considerably, and musical selections became much more diversified. The biggest breakthrough, in 2011, was the coming of Mountainvision: state-of-the-art digital projection gives the show 3-D-like effects without the need for 3-D glasses.


    Adding video meant more drama for Mountainvision, creating effects that are well beyond lasers. Some dramatic flourishes create visual illusions that seemingly turn Stone Mountain into one huge Volcano spewing lava down its sides. And other cosmic images are effects that ma   Read more...
  • MusicfromVatican

    Music from the Vatican Coming to Midtown

    It’s a long way across space and time, but the Sistine Chapel Choir, one of the oldest liturgical musical groups in history still in existence, will perform at the Fox Theatre on July 3. Officially known as the Ca-pella Musicale Pontifica Sistina, this choir from the Vatican is making a coast-to-coast tour of the U.S. Performances include concerts in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and—naturally—the ATL.


    Leading the Sistine Chapel Choir is Maestro Monsignor Massimo Palombetta, the only person with full access to the musical archives in the Vatican. Manuscripts there date back to the sixth century, when sing-ers became part of the papal entourage. Maestro Palombetta was instrumental in bringing back beautiful Renaissance singing to the choir, most appropriate because its home is the historic papal Sistine Chapel, with marvelous walls and ceiling painted by Michelangelo, pictured in the backdrop in our headline photo. I’ll never forget seeing it in 1970.


    Serving as the Pope’s personal choir through the centuries, this world-renowned chorus is comprised of 20 professio   Read more...
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