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  • CoolMarta

    Keith Parker: Make It Cool to Ride MARTA

    “We want to make it cool to ride MARTA,” says Keith Parker, CEO and general manager of MARTA. Tak-ing a cue from New York, Chicago and Paris, Parker said Atlanta could one day have a different vision to finally confront its traffic problems and become connected with rapid transit alternatives that are smart—and cool. In-deed, that goal is ideal for our metro area so plagued with traffic problems.


    Parker is a breath of fresh air for MARTA that started showing negative image problems that deepened in the Great Recession. Parker, who assumed MARTA leadership in December 2012, came here from the San An-tonio transit system, where he was Texas CEO of the year in 2011 and 2012. Many locals are hoping he can bring his magic to ATL neighborhoods.


    He chose to live with his family near a MARTA station and is a regular rider. He has initiated more se-curity cameras, visible agency police officers and a stated code of conduct to “Ride with Respect,” by which more than 1,000 disruptive passengers have been suspended.


    MARTA under Parker has enacted impressive cost  
  • ChildhoodHunger

    Youth Working To End Childhood Hunger

    As research shows that more American families are struggling with hunger, a new national program aims to empower youth to do something about it. Recent studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture show that nearly 16 million children live in households that are “food insecure,” meaning they don’t have consistent access to food throughout the year.


    To help, National 4-H Council and ConAgra Foods Foundation partnered to develop the 4-H Food Smart Families program. The program aims to empower families through food knowledge and education to build sus-tainable solutions that confront food insecurity and improve health. In its first year, nearly 15,000 youth and their families were reached with the programming, and nearly 90 percent of youth surveyed said their families have started purchasing healthier foods.


    In the program’s second year, UnitedHealthcare has joined the cause to help families tackle food insecurity and poor nutrition. UHC’s support, combined with ConAgra Foods Foundation’s, will allow for 4-H Food Smart Families programming in 13 states, engagi   Read more...

  • MetroFresh

    Metro Fresh Book Offers Food & Love

    Former Party of Five actor and now a ten-year business holder, Mitchell Anderson has a lot of happiness to share; including recipes from his new book and thoughts about staying married and keeping a successful Atlanta business. Love can take you to some great places and since this is the celebrated month of love it was only fitting to profile Mitchell Anderson.


    Locally Mitchell is a respected restauranteur. Last fall brought the 10-year anniversary of his Metro Fresh stores. Yet Mitchell came all the way from California for love, not nutrition.


    “I dated someone for years who lived in Atlanta,” said Mitchell. After following a never-ending ant hill of Hollywood auditions, the talented actor was ready for a change. “I sold my house in L.A. for someone special waiting in Atlanta.” That special someone was also a well-known Atlanta hair stylist and budding photographer, Richie Ar-pino. On a whim Richie enrolled in the Showcase School of Photography, located at LaVista and Cheshire Bridge roads in Midtown. He bought equipment and kept training.


  • ChambleeHigh

    From Chamblee High To the Super Bowl

    In half-century history of the Super Bowl, a lineman who got his start at North DeKalb Stadium in Chamblee made it to the Big Show three times.


    Steve Wallace, born in Atlanta in 1964, was a star lineman for the Chamblee High School Bulldogs and is an alumnus of the class of 1982.


    Wallace later became a 6’5” 280 lb. standout offensive tackle at Auburn, where he blocked for Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson when they both played under legendary coach Pat Dye. The San Francisco 49ers selected Steve Wallace in the 4th round of the NFL draft. In his first year as a pro he made the all-Rookie team, and Steve was on his way to his first Super Bowl.


    In a distinguished All Pro career with the 49ers under Coach Bill Walsh, Wallace was a vital part of three Super Bowl championships: 1989 in Miami, 1990 in New Orleans, and 1994 in Miami again. His main team role was crucial: to block the feared “blind side” for quarterback Joe Montana, later enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Today the Steve Wallace Foundation for Everyday Championship not only motivates but also su   Read more...

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