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  • EvaDavis

    Eva Davis Honored with Street Name

    Hometown News celebrates Black History Month with a look at Eva Belle Favors Davis, honored this past October with the name change of old East Lake Blvd., when Atlanta decided to call it Eva Davis Way. Eva was in 1971 among the earliest residents of old East Lake Meadows—now known as the Villages of East Lake—when it was a crime-ridden project of the Atlanta Housing Authority.


    Elected president of her local tenants association, Eva led rent strikes for major improvements: better lighting, more sidewalks and a day care center. The neighborhood had almost turned into a drug war zone, infamously known as “Little Vietnam.” But Eva Davis was undaunted.


    Starting with the Civil Rights Movement in the 1970s, Davis helped the Rev. Joseph Boone with Voter Registration drives. She lent her direct action community support to Jimmy Carter, U.S. Rep. John Lewis, and Atlanta Mayors Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young.


    A turning point for the East Lake community was in 1996, when at a tenant meeting Eva Davis courageously rallied fellow citizens in favor of redevelopment—this in spite   Read more...
  • PetLove

    Pet Love for Valentine Day

    “Who loves you the most?” As Valentine Day nears, that question becomes uppermost for countless people. For me and many others, the answer is simple – the family pet, of course. Whether it is a cat, dog or other furry friend, they don’t care what you look like or how much money you have to spend on this “day of love.” They don’t even mind if you happen to forget it altogether and have to have a belated Valentine Day. An extra hug or cuddle is all that is needed.


    If you want to give more for your pet’s kind of selfless devotion, there are many possibilities. Ex-tra-special treats are surely a must for your canine companions on Valentine Day. The popular website offers five homemade recipes for special and safe treats from “red velvet cup cakes” [better named “pup cakes”] made from yogurt, eggs, raw beets for color and oatmeal to “Fro-yo Cakes” combining Greek yogurt, peanut butter and honey, and a special beef bouillon cookie with beef bouillon [of course], egg yolk and cornmeal. It also recommends you put a special pink icing made from honey and   Read more...
  • Small Moments

    Small Moments Make a Big Difference

    There are about 74 million children in America today and if you’re a parent, here’s something you should know: involved fathers—whether they live with their kids or not—can help their children lead hap-pier, healthier and more successful lives. Children who feel close to their fathers are two times more likely to go to college or find a job after high school, 80 percent less likely to end up in jail and 50 percent less likely to experience depression.1 The small moments kids enjoy spending with their fathers can make a big difference in their lives. If you’re like most fathers, you’re already doing what you can to be a great dad. Here’s a look at five easy ways to keep it up.


    What You Can Do 1. Spend time with your children. 2. Be a positive role model. 3. Send a text to stay connected when far away. 4. Read to your children. 5. Remember




    There has been a massive growth in fatherhood involvement over decades—fathers now spend nearly triple the amount of time with their children than fathers did in the 1960s.


    What Dads are Already Doing Even tho  
  • DeKalbLibraries

    DeKalb Libraries honored as Georgia Library of the Year

    It came as no surprise to me to learn that the DeKalb County library system had been named Georgia Library of the Year by the Georgia Public Library Service. I have been a patron for thirty years and the excellent resources of the various branches have helped me get a Phd., do valuable research for historic preservation projects for the City of Atlanta and write numerous academic and popular articles. In addi-tion, I have worked with Decatur library professionals for over ten years as a volunteer for the Friends of Decatur Library. The programs and resources made available to library users have always been outstanding.


    The award recognizes the system for “offering public programming that embraces the county’s community.” This success is especially noted by the Library Service for programs designed to serve the “underserved communities throughout DeKalb.” As county CEO Michael Thurmond commented, “DeKalb County is extremely proud of our public library system and the critical role it plays in promoting life-long learning.” As a 71 year old who uses the library multiple times   Read more...
  • StudentsLend

    Students Lend Their Hands and Hearts To Build Affordable Housing

    What happens when you combine students with a shared vision where families can purchase decent and affordable housing? Thousands of high school and college students are helping Habitat for Humanity DeKalb (HFHD) in their vision of “building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.” Each year, students from Tucker High School, Dunwoody High School, Emory University, and/or Mercer University Atlanta campus, as well as students from other schools, work side-by-side to build hope to help fulfill the dreams of many DeKalb County residents. These local students are not the only ones who lend a helping hand to improve the quality of life for deserving families. Each year, the Collegiate Challenge program sees college students outside of Georgia spend a week of their time working on Habitat for Humanity projects, including repair projects. HFHD has hosted students from the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI), St. Olaf’s College (Northfield, MN), and the University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL), to name a few. During their time here, the students work on numerous house buil   Read more...

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