January 2013




For a classic party dish that’s popular at today’s gatherings, choose charcuterie- a platter of cooked and dry-cured meats, sausages and smooth pates accompanied by crusty baguettes, pungent mustards and other savory morsels. It can make a great appetizer, entree, picnic staple or the main attraction at a tailgating party. What’s more, it’s easy to create and transport to holiday parties.


Atlanta Balalaika Society


Multicultural diversity throughout metro Atlanta is well known, so it is no surprise that we have one of most highly regarded orchestras of Russian folk music in America. Atlanta Balalaika Society, which has completed more than thirty years of fine performances, reflects the richness of the international community. In addition to American-born musicians, the orchestra includes members from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Moldova, Latvia and Sweden.

The local group started in 1981 with a mission as a true Russian folk orchestra, which has late nineteenth century roots. Its music combines traditional Russian folk with sophisticated styles of European salons. Merging of these two genres led to the creation of musical ensembles that would be accepted by elites, while at the same time retaining the popular appeal of Eastern European peasant culture.

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