April 2013


Dining With Chef Massimo

Chef Massimo

The beautiful smells, colors and tastes of Italian food can come right of your kitchen. Italian born, Chef Massimo has been pleasing the palettes of local residents for years. He arrives at your house with the freshest ingredients and creates a magical multi-course meal for you and your guests. If you would like, your guests can roll up their sleeves and help prepare dishes like fresh linguine and gnocchi. If you prefer, they can sit back and sip wine while visiting with guests as the dishes are prepared live.


Puppy and Kitten Season Is Here!

Puppy Season

Spring is here, which means sunny days, blooming flowers, and warmer weather. It also marks the beginning of puppy and kitten season in Atlanta, which actually lasts through three seasons of the year. Local county shelters are already overflowing with pregnant dogs and cats, mamas with newborn puppies and kittens, and boxes of puppies and kittens turned in by owners. While every pet at the shelters deserve a second chance, there is something especially gut wrenching when these tiny new lives hope for a rescuer or adopter. Help Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) save lives and find owners for these puppies and kittens.


Find a Friend at Furkids


In 2002, Samantha Shelton rescued a mother cat with kittens and attempted to give them to a shelter. Finding no room at the inn, she took matters into her own hands and coordinated a network of foster homes, enlisting a local PetSmart as an adoption outlet. From that modest litter grew Furkids. Shelton’s shelter which now boasts a 5000-square-foot facility in Doraville with capacity for 275 cats, and a separate shelter in Alpharetta devoted to dogs.

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