February 2014


Donors Choose: Chalk to Computers


OK, maybe chalk is a bit old-school. But kids in public schools certainly need computers, not to mention backpacks, calculators and microscopes – resources often lacking in cash-strapped school districts. If one has had the pleasure to know a public [...]


Give The Gift Of A College Education


A great gift is one that doesn’t break, become outgrown or go out of style. It grows in value and meaning over the years. For example, you can give someone you care about the gift of a college education offered [...]


The Tooth Truth


Here’s a health idea you can sink your teeth into: Leading physicians and veterinarians say dental health is important for people and animals. Gum disease has been linked to such illnesses as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis and rheumatoid [...]


Adopting a Senior Dog: Is Older Better?


When people talk about adopting a dog, it may be a cliché to assume that they will want an ener-getic, playful puppy. Or, at the very least, a young adult dog.   Deserving as those dogs are of loving homes, [...]


Brownie Party Pops


Chocolate lovers, rejoice! These brownie pops are an irresistible combination of cocoa pow-der, semisweet chocolate chips and sprinkles in one little ball. Canola oil helps bind all of the decadent ingredients together.   INGREDIENTS: Brownies canola oil spray ½ cup [...]


Does Your Yard Have a Health Plan?


When is the last time your yard had a check-up? Just like people, plants need periodic examina-tions and treatments to help prolong their health. Plant health care (PHC) is a vital part of landscape management.   Preventative care, frequent checkups, [...]


“Over the Shoulder:” Paintings by Ernesto Torres


The exhibit opened on Jan. 10 and will run through March 7. Admission is free and the public is in-vited. Light refreshments and wine are served.   Ernesto Torres is an Atlanta artist born in Matanzas, Cuba. His work was [...]


Namesake of Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day has ancient origins as a festival of love, and it actually started as a Christian celebration. Centuries before today’s roses and romance, Valentine’s Day commemorated the com-passionate life and death of Valentinus, a holy priest who Romans persecuted [...]


My Life with Multiple Sclerosis


As an independent writer with limited experience in legitimate publishing since leaving the field when I moved to Atlanta, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I was asked to write about my life with mul-tiple sclerosis. An [...]


Atlanta Cyclorama Commemorates 150th Anniversary of Battle of Atlanta


If you want to take an exciting journey back in time, visit the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum. The Cyclorama is the home of a one-of-a-kind, panoramic picture – 42 feet tall and 358 feet in circumference – of [...]

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