April 2014


How to Get Your Old Dog and New Dog to be BFFs


Shopping for, finding and bringing home your first dog is probably one of the most fun things that adulthood entails. Buying your second pet, well, it’s awesome too, but getting your new furry friend and your original acquainted…that can be [...]


Atlanta’s 9/11 Canine Commemorative


The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, inspired heroism writ large—and that heroism wasn’t limited to humans. Search and rescue (SAR) dogs worked tirelessly in the wake of the trag-edy, enduring the same dangers and hardships as their human handlers. [...]


Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes with Shaved Parmesan


Ingredients: 1 bunch of prepared asparagus 1 pint of grape tomatoes Olive oil Salt and Pepper Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano (use a vegetable peeler to shave it) Preparing Aspargus: Before you can cook asparagus, you need to know how to prepare [...]


Six Ways To Impact College Savings With Tax Savings

Graduation portrait

College can be expensive but it can also pay off in two ways. First, college graduates earn, on av-erage, nearly a million dollars more over a lifetime than non-college graduates, the Census Bureau re-ports. Second, the money you invest now [...]


Time To Get that Garden Started


If the arrival of spring has your green thumb itching, here are a few tips from Henderson Park Com-munity Garden members that you may find helpful. Caroline Riggins said, “People plant and don’t think about fertilizer. It’s important and it’s [...]


Singing Praises for DeKalb Town


“Doraville,” sang the classic southern band Atlanta Rhythm Section, “a touch of country in the city,” and it became famous in the 1970s. The band was formed from two groups, Candymen and Classics IV (known for the 1968 hit “Spooky,” [...]


Easter in 1914 Atlanta


From local newspapers and magazines alone, you might never realize that Easter in 1914 Atlanta had any religious significance whatsoever. Retailers seized the coming of spring to push the latest styles of clothing for men, women and children with nary [...]


April Fool’s Day Fun


The origins of April Fools’ Day are obscure. Some historians believe cultural precedents were the Hilaria (from the Latin, “hilarious”) ancient Roman festivals celebrated about April 1 after the vernal or spring equinox—when finally days are longer than nights, with [...]


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