July 2014


Mini Calzones


  Mini Calzones Calzones, inspired by Italy, come in miniature versions in this recipe, making for a quick and deli-cious meal or snack any time of day. They also make wonderful leftovers!   Ingredients: • 8 oz lean ground beef, [...]


Marshmallows, Patience and Trust


Recently, I was reminded of the famous Stanford experiment in the 1970s that tested children’s pa-tience. A child was offered a single marshmallow (or cookie) to eat right away, but, if they could wait, they would get two marshmallows. The [...]


Sow Easy: Growing Food and Flowers From Seeds At Home


Many vegetables and flowers, especially annuals, can be sown as seeds directly into the garden. Not only can growing your own veggies and flowers save gardeners money on tasty produce and colorful decorations, it can be a great way to [...]


LifeLine Animal Project Celebrates First Year Managing DeKalb County Animal Services


LifeLine Animal Project, a metro Atlanta nonprofit promoting lifesaving animal welfare solutions, is celebrating its successful first year managing the DeKalb County Animal Services shelter, a contract awarded by the county.   Since beginning management on July 1, 2013, LifeLine [...]


Shepherd Wheelchair Division of the Peachtree Road Race


For the 60,000 who run, jog or walk in the AJC Peachtree Road Race on July 4 — the vast majority leave in wave groups on and after 7:30 am — it is an exciting, huge annual event. But they [...]


Fourth of July in 1914 Atlanta


The police were out in force. The new motorcycle squad rushed forth from headquarters every few minutes to quell outbreaks of drunk and disorderly conduct on the streets of Atlanta. Grady Memorial Hospital was prepared for emergency cases involving injuries [...]


Trees Atlanta to Plant Grove at Chastain Park


Trees Atlanta has announced plans for a Members’ Woodland to be part of the new playground and path projects in Chastain Park. The grove of up to 200 native specimen trees — including oaks, elms and dogwoods — will honor [...]


Georgia Archives Building Goes Hollywood


The State Archives and Records building is one of the coolest and most mysterious on Atlanta’s skyline. Motorists entering I-20 East from the Downtown Connector are soon met by the brooding, seemingly windowless cube that looms over the highway. While [...]


Autrey Mill: ‘Jewel of Johns Creek’


The newly-minted city of Johns Creek boasts a sweet site to get away from it all — Autrey Mill Na-ture Preserve and Heritage Center. An example of grassroots activism at its finest, the historic Autrey Mill site was snatched from [...]


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