November 2014


Traditions and Holidays


Young children learn about the passage of time in its earliest form from the daily cycles of morning, afternoon and night. As they grow, they begin to become aware of the yearly seasonal rhythms and cycles. As we now enter [...]


Tips For Dealing With Kitty’s Potty Problems

Cat using a closed litter box isolated on white background

(NAPS)—“Why is my kitty going outside the litter box?” is one of the top questions that veterinarians get asked by cat parents.   According to Dr. Laura Wiles, a veterinarian who specializes in feline medicine, it might be a health [...]


Celebrate Popcorn


(NAPSI)—Popcorn, enjoyed every day but celebrated in October during National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, existed long before today’s dizzying array of snacks, tracing its roots back thousands of years. Yet, throughout the ages, this enduring fan favorite has remained relatively unchanged. [...]


Tools And Tricks To Tackle Tough, Cold Weather Yard Work

2012 OREGON PowerNow Tools 40V Chainsaw KJ House 0202112

The grass can be greener on your side of the fence next year if you treat your yard right now. New eco-friendly tools can help.   (NAPS)—The steps you take now to clean up your yard and put it to [...]


The Elegant Elf Marketplace Rings in the 2014 Holiday Shop-ping Season


The fourth annual Elegant Elf Marketplace, presented by the Sandy Springs Society, will showcase more than 75 local and regional vendors presenting distinctive gifts and creations in jewelry, handcrafted fashions, fine crafts, home and garden, handbags, toys, and gourmet delights [...]


Thanksgiving in 1914 Atlanta

You know the holiday season has begun when a leading grocery store advertises “rich fruit cake, just like you used to have for Thanksgiving.” The 5-pound staple mentioned here came in a decorative tin and was only $1.50 in the [...]


Chamblee Police Administers Life-Saving Drug


On Friday, Sept. 12, Naloxone was used for the first time by Chamblee Police to successfully reverse a heroin overdose. The Chamblee Police Department had only begun carrying this life saving drug Aug. 24. Chamblee is the third police department [...]


American Diabetes Association Expo Helping The Community Stop Diabetes


On Nov. 22, the American Diabetes Association EXPO Atlanta will take place at the Cobb Galleria Centre from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. This free event includes activities for people of all ages including exciting activities and in-formation for the whole family. [...]


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