December 2014


More Action Needed To End Pet Homelessness


(NAPS)—There appears to be a significant difference between what many people offer as their opinion about pet homelessness and what, if anything, they do about the problem.   That’s a key finding of a recent survey that revealed that although [...]


Atlanta Christmas in 1914


Christmas means different things to different people. For many it is a time of great religious significance or a season of parties, gift giving and feasting. For Tom Daley and Hiram Lepper, Christmas day in 1914 Atlanta meant freedom. These [...]


Hometown News Writer Receives Governor’s Award


We congratulate one of our own, Dr. Paul Hudson, named recipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for the Arts and Humanities. He was among 13 Georgia citizens and organizations recognized for “significant contribu-tions to innovation and growth of the state’s [...]


Citizens Get Connected at 2014 DeKalb Neighborhood Summit


Interim DeKalb County CEO Lee May summed up the 2014 DeKalb Neighborhood Summit by saying, “We literally have hundreds of DeKalb County constituents here that are really energized to move DeKalb County forward. I’m really excited about the energy I’m [...]


Working Toward a Bicycle Friendly Brookhaven


When Brookhaven resident Michael Clifford retired, he began riding his bicycle every other day. He summed up his experience riding on Brookhaven’s major thoroughfares by saying, “They’re not habitable for bicycling.” Bill Cox, also from Brookhaven, described the 4-mile bicycle [...]

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