March 2015


Baseball in a War Torn World, Atlanta 1915


The world can be a scary place and it didn’t get much worse than it did in 1915, the first full year of World War I. Although the United States didn’t enter the greatest war in the history of mankind [...]


Time-Saving Tips To Make Get-togethers More Fun


(NAPSI)—Whether you’re throwing a game day party or hosting a family gathering, feeding a crowd can be simpler than you may realize. To help you save time and trouble, chef Jennifer Manning, Culinary Expert with the Kraft Kitchens, offers these [...]


Don’t Pay For A Purebred—Adopt One


(NAPSI)—Are you looking for a certain kind of furry family member? Consider adoption as an option. De-spite popular belief, not all pets needing homes are mixed breeds. In fact, as many as 25 percent of the 8 million dogs and [...]


More Organ Donors Key To Saving Children


(NAPS)—There is hopeful news for the nearly 2,000 children waiting for the “Gift of Life”—a lifesaving organ transplant. To help as many of these children as possible, a national effort is being made to increase the number of available donors—the [...]


National Young Farmers Coalition Sows New Growers


Since World War II, our nation’s food production has been on a steady march to monopolization and domina-tion by big agri-business. Consider Braden County, North Carolina: In 1945 there were almost 3,500 farms with an average size of 69 acres. [...]


Springtime Brings New Programs from DeKalb History Center


The DeKalb History Center has announced its schedule of upcoming spring programs for schools, children and the public.   “Life in the 1850s,” “The Civil War” and “Pioneers and Natives” make up the core of the center’s new pro-grams for [...]


Canine Cellmates Program Proves Effective


The program allowing Fulton County prisoners in rehabilitation to train animals for adoption is working. In fact, it has been recognized nationally as one of many proven ideas that could save animals that would otherwise be eutha-nized. Canine Cellmates is [...]


Arpino Salon and Studio Ranks Top Nationally


He’s called “the Image Maker.” For over 30 years he has been the stylist for the rich, beautiful and famous. Now Richie Arpino has another success on his vitae: being nationally named “Best Salon” from ALLURE™ magazine in January. That’s [...]


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