June 2015


Odor Answers


(NAPS)—As your nose knows, your beloved pet can make a stinky mess—but there are simple ways by which you can cope. For starters, be sure your pet is of a size suitable to your environment, your dog is walked promptly [...]


Fuel Your Day With Fresh Pear Smoothies


(NAPS)—Shake up your smoothie routine and add fresh pears to the blender to boost your break-fast or snack. Pears are packed with fiber, making them a sweet and satisfying smoothie ingredient. By pairing pears with other whole-food ingredients, you can [...]


Go With A Pro To Be Sprinkler Savvy


(NAPS)—With warmer weather upon us, you may be getting ready to boot up your irrigation system to return your landscape to its former glory. Before you get started, remember that winter can take a toll on your sprinkler system, causing [...]


Meet ‘Doc,’ Atlanta’s Oldest Active Ice Hockey Player


Atlanta and professional ice hockey don’t mix –ours is the only city to have lost two NHL teams-but recreational hockey thrives thanks to the influx of Northern transplants. The Atlanta Amateur Hockey League (AAHL) began in 1974 with two teams [...]


Parks in DeKalb Offer A Wealth of Activities and Amenities

DeKalb County's Davison-Arabia Nature Preserve

The DeKalb County Park System includes 114 parks consisting of 6,770 acres of parkland and open space, 82 playgrounds 2 golf courses, 77 tennis courts, 54 pavilions, 11 recreation facilities and more. The Garden in the Parks program promotes a [...]


The Braves Come to Atlanta – Can It Be 50 Years?


This year Atlanta marks the 50th anniversary of the city’s first major league sports team. For those of us who remember the turbulent decade of the 1960s, it may not be surprising that the move of the Bos-ton/Milwaukee Braves was [...]


Moms Need Mom Friends


When you were in college, you may have gone through a season of your life where you had as many guy friends as girlfriends. It may have been easier, less drama and better parties. But every woman needs a good [...]


Lightning Strike Survivor an Advocate for Healthy Living


Gail Skinner has run the natural food department at the Embry Hills Kroger for six years, she’s a been a fitness instructor for over 30 years, worked as a DJ and singer and has been struck by lightning and and [...]


DeKalb Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


DeKalb Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Stations DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May and Dist. 6 Commissioner Kathie Gannon look on as Charles Mason, Assistant Director of DeKalb County Public Works Department demonstrates the electric vehicle charging station at DeKalb County [...]


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