July 2015


Three Summer Almond Milk Smoothie Recipes


(NAPS)—Delicious taste is just one reason almond milk is becoming so popular with both dairy-free and dairy drinkers. It’s rich in calcium, a good source of vitamins D, E and A, available in low calorie and low sugar varieties, and [...]


Declare Your Cat Pride


(NAPS)—For anyone who’s ever wondered what it means to be a “cat person,” a recent survey by Toluna Analytics may provide some surprising answers. Today’s cat person tends to be smart, independ-ent, friendly and active. The survey also found that [...]


Get Into The Swing Of Summer Safety


(NAPS)—Known as “trauma season” among public health and medical professionals, summer is a time when serious injuries and unintentional deaths increase dramatically among children. Statistics show that 40 percent of all injury-related emergency room visits happen between the months of [...]


The Latest Buzz on Honeybees


The numbers are in on the honeybee front –and the buzz is mixed. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, winter losses of managed honeybee colonies for 2014-2015 dropped for the second straight year to 23 percent, significantly lower [...]


Buckhead Diner Surpasses Silver


It’s hard to believe, but the retro-chic Buckhead Diner has passed the 25 year mark and is closing in on 30. So many Atlanta eateries now are doing crazy creative things with American comfort food classics that the cui-sine has [...]


Scaly, Slimy Spectacular At Zoo Atlanta


Zoo Atlanta never stops improving and that is remarkable for a facility which has been delighting Atlantans and tourists for over 125 years. The newest attraction is the stunningly beautiful, multi-million dollar “Scaly, Slimy Spectacular.” This shiny new building and [...]


VET CAR Puts Low Income Veterans Back On the Road


For Army veteran Les Jones keeping his new job meant securing a reliable means transportation was a must. “I didn’t have a lot of money, “he said. Jones was able to find a car he could afford through VET CAR [...]


Mother Jones “Crusades” in Atlanta


She was called “the most dangerous woman in America” at one time, but nothing seemed to stop Mary Harris Jones in her tireless drive to improve working conditions for American workers. In July 1915, “Mother Jones” arrived in Atlanta for [...]


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