August 2015


Celebrate Summer With Mango Salsa


(NAPS)—Get your summer off to a healthy and delicious start with the ultimate summer snack—Mango Salsa! Mango’s bright flavor and natural sweetness make it the perfect foundation for a versatile fruit salsa that can be paired with other summertime favorites [...]


Letter to Editor From Kiddos the Kitty


Hi Humans, My name is Kiddos, the kitten and I am here to speak to you about being a good kitty owner. First, you must never declaw. I use my claws for climbing, shoulder strength, walking, scratching, balance, self-defense, playing, [...]


How To Create An Outdoor Oasis


(NAPS)—Wow your friends and families at gatherings, pool parties or barbecues in your backyard by creat-ing your own outdoor oasis. and Donny Osmond have teamed up to share 10 surprisingly easy and affordable ways to turn your backyard into [...]


Home Safety Month: 10 Tips For Protecting Your Children At Home


(NAPS)—With the summer months upon us, children will be spending more time at home, so it’s important to make certain they are safe as their endless summer fun fills the house and backyard. In honor of Home Safety Month this [...]


DeKalb Woman Takes on American Ninja Warrior

Jen Liam in front of the rock climbing wall she built in her home gym.

As a clinical therapist Jen Liam helps people overcome obstacles.   “Whether it is physical or something internal-slow and steady is kind of my approach- there is no quick fix-its hard work and persistence. It’s not how many times you [...]


Mel Pender: Lynwood Park’s Olympic Hero


It was a long way to Olympic gold but Melvin “Mel” Pender Jr. made it literally every step along the way. Born in 1937, Pender grew up in rural Lynwood Park, the historically black community off Windsor Parkway near Oglethorpe [...]


Home Run Readers Step Up!


There’s still time to get on deck for the Atlanta Braves Summer Reading Program, brought to us by the Braves, Subway Restaurants and the Georgia Public Library Service. The effort is designed to promote literacy via the attractive summertime incentives [...]


A Grand Alliance to Preserve Postal Service


It’s hard to think of anything of value that 49 cents can still buy –except to send a letter clear across the country. Affordable, accessible and universal mail service has long been a vital link in America’s infrastructure. The United [...]


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