January 2016


Hybrids, Heirlooms And GMOs Explained


If the terms “hybrid,” “heirloom” and “GMO” have you stumped, you’re not alone. When it comes to buying seeds and plants, there’s a lot of confusion, even among seasoned gardeners. Here are a few facts that may help.   Hybrids [...]


Why A Little Chocolate Can Be Good For Weight Management


Here’s something that is sure to be sweet music to the ears of every chocolate lover: A little dose of the world’s most popular food type and flavor can actually support an individual’s weight-loss goals.   The reasons a bit [...]


New Years in Old Atlanta, 1916


New Years celebrations in old Atlanta were more of a “community event” way back in 1915. Much like in modern days, however, it was also a time for overindulgence in parties and food as well as a time to anticipate [...]


Celebrating MLK Day in 2016


Local celebrations and activities abound for the national holiday in January honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Arguably Atlanta’s best known historical figure, his birthday has become a time to honor his legacy as a Civil Rights leader as well as [...]


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