February 2016


Treat Your Guests to a Terrific Trifle


Treat Your Guests to a Terrific Trifle   This elegant Swedish Ten-Minute Trifle makes a great dessert, especially for berry lovers. Sweden, home of the smorgasbord, a tempting spread of sweet and savory dishes, is a rich source of healthy, [...]


Prevent A Pet Peeve


If you have ever owned a dog and cat, you’ve probably experienced your dog invading the litter box like it was his own personal snack shack.   The Cause There are many reasons dogs eat cat stools: boredom, instinct, even [...]


Feed A Bee, Feed The Planet


Apples, broccoli, cherries, almonds all have something in common that may surprise you.   Each one of these foods is available thanks to the honey bee and other pollinators. In fact, about one-third of the human food supply depends on [...]


Keith Parker: Make It Cool to Ride MARTA


“We want to make it cool to ride MARTA,” says Keith Parker, CEO and general manager of MARTA. Tak-ing a cue from New York, Chicago and Paris, Parker said Atlanta could one day have a different vision to finally confront [...]


Youth Working To End Childhood Hunger


As research shows that more American families are struggling with hunger, a new national program aims to empower youth to do something about it. Recent studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture show that nearly 16 million children live in [...]


Metro Fresh Book Offers Food & Love


Former Party of Five actor and now a ten-year business holder, Mitchell Anderson has a lot of happiness to share; including recipes from his new book and thoughts about staying married and keeping a successful Atlanta business. Love can take [...]


From Chamblee High To the Super Bowl


In half-century history of the Super Bowl, a lineman who got his start at North DeKalb Stadium in Chamblee made it to the Big Show three times.   Steve Wallace, born in Atlanta in 1964, was a star lineman for [...]


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