June 2016


Prepare Your Deck for Outdoor Entertaining Season


This year, designers are seeing a growing trend emerge among homeowners: bringing their interior design aesthetic to their outdoor spaces. “Homeowners are looking for ways to let their personalities shine throughout every room in their homes, including the outdoors,” says [...]


CDC Museum for Science Geeks


If you are a science or healthcare geek, one of the best places to visit in Atlanta is the Center for Disease Control Museum. Officially known as the David J. Sencer Museum, this strikingly modern facil-ity is located in a [...]


Healthy Tips for A Sweeter, Simpler Life


These days, many Americans are embracing simplicity for a more balanced and joyful life. They’re cut-ting out the complications and focusing on what matters most—whether it’s spending time with family or prioritizing wellness.   Eating Eight Strawberries A Day May [...]


4 Spring & Summer Safety Tips for Pet People


Winter is over. In fact, it’s long gone. Most of us have abandoned our hibernation caves and traded the chill dark days for some sunnier romps outside. And we aren’t the only excited ones either — you can bet your [...]


Shoot the Hooch to Protect Our Endangered Waterway


“Travel is smooth and the current is light. Light diffuses and glitters off the waves of our oars. It’s surprising how quickly time goes by. The sounds of the road disappear. All you can hear are the splashes of our [...]


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