July 2016


Cutting Sugar


Once upon a time, sugar was mostly relegated to desserts. But now, excessive amounts can be found in our everyday foods and beverages, and it’s taking a toll, according to recently published studies.   The University of Texas MD Anderson [...]


Improve Your Pet’s Health And Your Own Wealth


You can now invest in your pet’s health and happiness in two special ways.   First, you can get a smart pendant that lets you track your pet’s everyday physical activity, GPS location and overall performance. Taking into account the [...]


Techniques to Raising Happy Children

happy healthy kids playing leapfrog outdoors in summer

Do this. Be here. Listen to me. Any good parent wants to raise happy, well-adjusted children, but the way they go about often undermines that goal.   “As a rabbi, I’ve watched a lot of parents over the years,” says [...]


Reservoir Park Will Become Atlanta’s Largest Green-space


It is hard to fathom, but a gigantic hole in the earth in the Bankhead area west of Midtown will one day be-come a centerpiece for Atlanta’s largest park.   The first step in the process is to expand gorgeous, [...]


The Buzz On Bees


If you’ve ever wondered where the term “worker bee” comes from, consider this when you sit down for your next meal: One out of every three bites of food you eat exists because of bees and other pollinators. Without their [...]


The Peachtree and Independence Day


Since 1970, the Peachtree Road Race, organized by the Atlanta Track Club (ATC) has become an enduring, endearing city tradition. In the first race, runners paid a $2 entry fee and lined up at the old start at the intersection [...]


Atlanta’s Federal Reserve Bank Counts


Get out of this pool this summer and learn about the flow of money at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. With school out of session, it’s important to keep your mind ticking with mental exercises. Touring At-lanta’s Federal Reserve [...]


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