August 2016


Peanuts and Peanut Butter Can Reduce Diabetes Risk


Enjoying a peanut butter sandwich at lunch or snacking on a handful of peanuts won’t just fill you up. It’ll also reduce your diabetes risk, according to a new Harvard School of Public Health study published in the Ameri-can Journal [...]


Fala, the Amazing Presidential Dog


Few pets have been as beloved as President Franklin Roosevelt’s Scottish terrier Fala. A gift from his cousin Daisy, Roosevelt, named the pup after his Scottish ancestor John Murray the Outlaw of Falahill, shortened to Fala. He came to FDR [...]


Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes Six Ways


According to the World Health Organization, as many as 3 to 4 million people may be exposed to the Zika vi-rus in the next 12 months—but you and your family don’t have to be among them. To combat the Zika [...]


Helping Teens Succeed In A Complex World


Does it seem like some teenagers are anxious, depressed and have lost their ability to cope? The truth is, in most cases, they are just fine.   “There is a tendency in our culture to treat young people who are [...]


When Autos Were Mass Produced in Doraville


Commuters taking Motors Industrial Way in Doraville have for months seen progress on a large, dusty construc-tion site for Nalley Automotive car dealership and service. It’s ironic, because decades ago this I-285 access road was once widely travelled by auto [...]


New Atlanta Home is ‘Zero Energy Ready’


Imery Group is proud to announce the completion of one of the first Zero Energy Ready Homes in the State of Georgia. The 3,764 -square-feet custom home in the north Atlanta community of Alpine Canyon, in Saxton Woods, will be [...]


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