November 2016


Eat Well, Do Good with Good Measure Meals


How would you like to have ready-to-eat gourmet meals delivered to your house? Atlanta and Athens non-profit Good Measure Meals is a meal delivery service that provides affordable, gourmet meals designed to help people meet their health and weight goals [...]


Help Lassie (And Fluffy) Come Home


Each year, 14 percent of dogs and 15 percent of cats escape or are abandoned, and while most will naturally return to their owners, there are over a million lost animals wandering around America. Fortunately, yours don’t have to be [...]


Late-Flowering Perennials Bring Jewel-Like Colors To Your Garden


What strikes us most about the fall is that yellow and red leaves have dropped from the trees. Instinctively, this is a sign that the gardening season is over. All is not what it seems, however. Did you know that [...]


Native American Month In Atlanta


November is associated with Thanksgiving, new America and the pilgrims. However, November is also Na-tive American Heritage Month to pay tribute to the people who truly established our land. Atlanta has a few fea-tured festivals, events and spots to celebrate [...]


Students with Their Own Businesses Can Apply Now For an NFIB Scholarship


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Young Entrepreneur Foundation announced that its scholarship application for the 2017 NFIB Young Entrepreneur Awards is now open through Dec. 18. High school seniors who run their own business and plan to attend [...]


School for Chefs at Northlake is Winding Down


For years I’ve been proud that Le Cordon Bleu, the world renowned network of institutes dedicated to pro-viding the highest level of culinary instruction, operated nearby on Lakeside Parkway. In 2016, Le Cordon Bleu International announced that all of its [...]


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