May 2017


Gardening Tool Care


Before diving into yard care, make sure your lawn and gardening tools are up to the task with proper maintenance. The tips below could save you money and time by extending the life of your tools.   Hand Tool Maintenance [...]


Summer Fun with Your Dog

Young woman playing with her dog

Do you enjoy outdoor summer activities? Chances are, your dog does, too. But we always need to keep our four-legged friends safe and comfortable as the temperatures rise.   1) Keep water handy for you pup if you’re planning on [...]


California Sweet Potatoes For Holidays And Every Day


Here’s food for thought: As more and more Americans realize, sweet potatoes can be enjoyed not only during the winter holidays but on other holidays and on a regular old Tuesday night, for that matter.   High in vitamin B6, [...]


Friendships Come In All Dimensions—Sometimes In The Most Unlikely Sizes


What is so fascinating about unlikely friendships? Is it that opposites attract? Does it point to hidden mutual re-spect? Unlikely animal friendships have long held a particular fascination, documented with countless funny and adorable videos: a cat adopting baby ducks, [...]


Waffle House Co-Founder Joe Rogers Sr. Dies at 97


Joe Rogers Sr., co-founder of the iconic Waffle House, died this past March at age 97. Born in rural Jackson, TN, he firmly believed that “people—your family, your friends your neighbors” are the most important parts in life. “All of [...]


Dunwoody High School’s Newest Robotics Team Just Keeps on Rolling


After an amazing performance at the State Championships in Athens last weekend, the rookie Dunwoody High School FIRST® Robotics Competition Team, WildCat 5e, accumulated enough points to finish the season ranked 6th in Georgia. This unprecedented, outstanding performance was enough [...]


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