August 2017


Some Metro Trails with Shade to Beat the Heat


Now that the Peachtree Road Race is over, Hometown readers who run or walk distances may be looking for different, cooler places to do their miles. All of these public routes provide shady tree shelter with forest canopies, many with [...]


Easy, Tasty Weeknight Pasta


According to the National Pasta Association, there are more than 600 pasta shapes. Factor in the umpteen different ways to sauce, dress and garnish the pasta and the possibilities are nearly endless. With just a few ingredients, many of which [...]


Brookhaven Police Department Fourth Annual Hot-Pursuit 5K Run | Tot Trot


The Hot Pursuit 5K Run will be held on September 9, 2017 in the City of Brookhaven. The run includes a 5K and Tot Trot. The race starts on Peachtree Road near Dresden Drive at 8:00 P.M. and promises to [...]


Close The Lid On Cat Litter Odor


According to the ASPCA, there are more than 85 million pet cats in America. If one (or more) of them is yours, you may have noticed one aspect of cat companionship that’s less than delightful: the litter box. Fortu-nately for [...]


Pollinators: More Than Just Bees


Bees are synonymous with pollination—and for good reason. Their size, shape and physical characteristics—fuzzy bodies that so effectively collect and transport pollen—make them efficient foragers. Additionally, they are conditioned to collect ample pollen to take back to their brood, a [...]


Important Information For Parents


Kids depend on their parents for guidance, and the help that they get can make a big difference in their lives. If you are the parent of a young man who is turning 18 or if he is a recent [...]


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