September 2017


Academic Success Could Involve Music To Your Ears


Here’s an idea many families may be wise to note: Research shows letting your kids learn music can help them do better in other subjects and enhances skills they’ll need in other areas.   Lend An Ear To Expert Advice [...]


Fun Twist On A Classic Childhood Favorite


Whether the weather has shut down your camping trip or backyard barbecue, you’re taking a stay-cation this year or you just want a dessert with a difference one night, you and your family may adore this version of a classic [...]


Lifeline Animal Project Takes Over HSUS’ Pets for Life Program in Atlanta


LifeLine Animal Project is excited to announce they have taken over The Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) Pets for Life program in Atlanta as an official mentorship group, providing direct, hands-on community outreach and free services to people [...]


You Can Help Stop Invasive Pests


There’s good news for those who enjoy outdoor activities. By taking a few simple steps, they can help protect the environment from invasive pests and the damage they can cause. Many are surprised to learn that taking part in pastimes [...]


Cultivating Community Along the Buford Highway Corridor


When Rebekah Morris was teaching English and Journalism to ninth-graders at Cross Keys High School, she challenged her students to take an active part in their community through a school project called Unify BuHi.   The students wrote out proposals [...]


How I Became an Analyst, Author, Teacher and Entertainer Using Handwriting and Signature Analysis


On October 23, 1972, while on crew rest on an Air Force mission, I was in the lobby of the Hilton Ho-tel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I sat down at a table with Florry Nadall, author of Pen in [...]


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