October 2017


Bears Spotted in Gwinnett and What to Do


This summer there began multiple sightings in Gwinnett County of black bears roaming around. It could well continue until November and the onset of cold weather when their hibernation cycles begin. Black bears in our part of the state typically [...]


Roasted Okra For Fall


You can never be a true southern cook and NOT love okra. This unique vegetable originally from Af-rica is a seed pod with one of the most fascinating flavors in the vegetable world. It is also full of delightful textures [...]


The Right Contractor: Key to Successful Paving Project


Concrete paver patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks, as well as outdoor fire pits and kitchens, can im-prove your family’s quality of life now and enhance your home’s curb appeal when the time comes to sell.   Choosing the right [...]


Lionheart Theatre Wins Eight MAT Awards, “Raisin in the Sun” Nominated In All Categories


Roswell–Lionheart Theatre Company of Norcross had a huge day at the Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards (MAT), taking home eight wins for its production of “A Raisin in the Sun.” The 11th annual MAT ceremony gathered at the Roswell Cultural Arts [...]


Five Fun Ways to Welcome the Tooth Fairy


For generations, the Tooth Fairy has left a small gift for children who tuck fallen baby teeth under their pil-lows. This tradition can be a great time to teach kids more about taking care of their teeth. Here are five [...]


Save a Pet, Protect a Pet, Adopt a Pet


October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month. This is a great time to remind everyone and particularly animal lovers about the importance of safe practices in caring for animals. One of the most im-portant ways we can protect our [...]


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