March 2018


Local Nonprofit Seeks to Improve Human-Animal Interaction


Atlanta Rescue Dog Café is a nonprofit educational iniative with a mission to contribute to the well-being of Atlanta’s pets and its people by improving human-animal interactions, reducing incidences of animal cruelty and relieving the strain on local animal shelters. [...]


“Water” Your Resolutions for 2018?


Major New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, but committing to taking small steps that save water throughout the year can have a real ripple effect. As one of your 2018 resolutions, you can join the thou-sands of smart [...]


Five Fun Ways To Welcome The Tooth Fairy


For generations, the Tooth Fairy has left a small gift for children who tuck fallen baby teeth under their pillows. This tradition can be a great time to teach kids more about taking care of their teeth. Here are five [...]


Brookwood Station Turns 100


Brookwood Railroad Station hovers almost precariously on Peachtree Road over the massive Interstate Connector. It is an elegantly designed reminder of a time long gone for both Atlanta and this part of the city. It was just 100 years ago [...]


Marist Alum is NFL Coach of the Year


As the pro football postseason ended with the Super Bowl this past February, the NFL announced that Sean McVay, a graduate of Marist in Brookhaven, is the league’s Coach of the Year. It’s all the more impressive because he’s the [...]


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