June 2018


Fresh Corn Is A Summer Delight


If there is one summer veggie that exemplifies the best of the season and the South, it is corn. This sta-ple is a regional favorite used in countless recipes from cornbread to simple roasted ears slathered with sweet butter. During [...]


Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular: Summer Show in 35th Year


Summer begins Thursday June 21 at 3:08 am but that’s a technicality. A sure sign that the season’s begun is after Memorial Day weekend, when the Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular is shown every night in June conditions permitting, and on [...]


LifeLine Project Campaign for Premiere Community Pet Center


LifeLine Animal Project—which since 2013 has managed DeKalb and Fulton Animal Services—this past winter announced the launch of its first capital campaign for a resource sorely needed in the Metro. It’s to be a new LifeLine Animal Center, a project [...]


Music from the Vatican Coming to Midtown


It’s a long way across space and time, but the Sistine Chapel Choir, one of the oldest liturgical musical groups in history still in existence, will perform at the Fox Theatre on July 3. Officially known as the Ca-pella Musicale [...]


To Raise Creative Kids—Let Them Play


Fostering a child’s courage to express creativity is perhaps one of the most important goals that parents can set for themselves.   Understanding Creativity Often, when people think of creativity, they think of the arts, but it starts with play [...]


Hidden Hero: Outdoor Power Equipment Can Make You Very Popular


Spring is here. Finally. After the 2018 winter season, you may be itching to get outside and spend time in your family yard. Having the right outdoor power equipment, like lawn mowers, chain saws, generators, edgers, trimmers and more, ensures [...]


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