June 2019


End a Threat to Dogs


Recent outbreaks of canine parvovirus (parvo) have pet owners and health professionals seeking a safe, effective solution. The Problem Parvo is highly contagious, spread by dogs contacting contaminated surfaces or by humans touching contaminated surfaces and then touching the animal. [...]


Those Train Horns We Hear in the Metro


One of the most familiar aural or sound images we hear nearly every day in hometowns throughout the ATL are train horns. I grew up in the Metro and my earliest memories of train horns date back to when I [...]


Pot-bellied Pigs Now Legal Pets in Brookhaven


This past April news surfaced that Brookhaven City Council has made pot-bellied pigs—domesticated versions of clas-sic animals such as those on Old McDonald’s farm—legal as pets. City Council duly posted that its decision was by unanimous vote.   There are [...]


Raising Kids Who Speak for the Bees


Remember the Lorax, who spoke for the trees? Dr. Seuss’ tale laid important groundwork by encouraging the next gen-eration to care about the environment. As Seuss wrote, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to [...]


When Storm Season Approaches, Ready Your Outdoor Power Equipment


At any time of year, storm preparedness is important. Hurricanes, floods and storms can damage property and endanger lives. The preparations you make ahead of bad weather, however, can help you recover faster and stay safer during the storm and [...]


Enjoy the Best of Seasonal Spring Flavors With California Avocados


The Golden State and its farmers have garnered a delicious reputation for the fresh fruits and crisp vegetables they produce locally. Springtime is when many of those products reach the peak of their seasons, including the heart-healthy su-perfood California avocados, [...]


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