July 2019


Chamblee Girl’s Quick Action Saves Sister


When 10-year-old Jayla Dallis saw her little sister Kali in trouble at their Chamblee apartment complex swimming pool she jumped in to save her without hesitation. Grabbing Kali by the hair and around the waist, Jayla lifted her up and [...]


California Avocados Hit Their Peak Just In Time For Summer


Summer is upon us and it’s time to celebrate as California avocados are at the peak of their season and freshly picked in season produce is at its peak in flavor and nutrition. The nutrient-dense fruit stands as the highlight [...]


The Benefits of Hemp, Krill and Salmon Oil


If yours is among the nearly seven in 10 U.S. households with pets, you may be glad to learn of a good way to keep them healthy. Hemp seed, krill and salmon oil are some of nature’s best sources of [...]


Be the Coolest, Most Energy-Efficient Home On the Block This Summer


This summer, homeowners don’t have to choose between being cool and eco-conscious. Today’s innovations make it “no sweat” to enjoy both with smart home climate control technologies and advanced air-conditioning systems created to achieve maximum energy efficiency and comfort.   [...]


Fun Ways To Inspire Kids’ Imaginations


According to numerous studies, imaginative play in childhood can be critical to cognitive and social development. Re-search suggests that make-believe games can increase language usage, help with self-regulation, let children express a range of emotions, and teach them to think [...]


Buckhead Library: Avant Garde Architecture in the Village


We’re into the dog days of summer and when I was a kid in the early 1960s, usually in July I invariably started to miss school as a place to go. Whenever I felt that way, I’d visit a library. [...]


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