A Cow Lives In Piedmont Heights

At 566 Pelham Road in Piedmont Heights, at the intersection with Montgomery Ferry Road, stands a cow quietly gazing out of the trees. A bit startling at first, until one realizes it is a full-sized statue of a Holstein. No, she is not an escapee from a Chick-fil-A billboard. Named Kathleen by her owner, she has been watching over the neighborhood for five years and is a quaint reminder of the dairy farms which once populated Piedmont Heights.


Kathleen belongs to Donna Bryans Gensler, a longtime resident of the community. The cow was a gift from her family in memory of the herds of cattle on the farm in Madison, Georgia, where she grew up. Cows were Donna’s favorite animals and she loved them so much she became a vegetarian.


Kathleen enjoys an exciting life in Piedmont Heights. She is a frequent backdrop for photographs and always dresses up for holidays, neighborhood events, and special occasions. Recently she received a new “dress”—a fresh coat of black and white paint, her second since moving into the neighborhood.


A few years ago, a couple who frequently passed through Piedmont Heights fell in love with Kathleen, and the wife decided she wanted a “Kathleen sister.” Her husband contacted Donna, and now Kathleen has a twin “sister” named Priscilla who lives at 1329 Lanier Boulevard in the Virginia Highlands neigh-borhood. Who knows, maybe someday there will be a full herd of Kathleen’s family in Atlanta.
Watch out Chick-fil-A, there’s a new herd in town.


–Bill Seay

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