AARF is the Ultimate Resource for Pet Owners

Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) is a comprehensive animal welfare organization in DeKalb County. AARF was founded in 2002 as a 501(c)3 organization licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Since 2002, AARF has saved the lives of over 1000 pets from euthanasia at county shelters. AARF is a no-kill organization, which means they never euthanize pets, except in extreme circumstances where a pet is suffering from untreatable pain or illness. AARF also offers a spay/neuter program to assist pet owners with the cost of altering their pets, a humane education program for children, and a seniors-for-seniors pet program.


AARFAARF is headquartered in Stone Mountain Village at its community pet center, AARF Pet Central. AARF Pet Central is truly the ultimate resource center for pet owners. The center has a full pet retail store, and specializes in quality pet products. All of the pet foods sold at AARF Pet Central have no by-products or fillers, and are offered at affordable prices for every budget. Raw food, nutritious treats, durable toys and other supplies are all available, too. The knowledgeable staff helps pet owners pick the right products for their pets. Shopping for pet supplies at AARF Pet Central helps AARF save the lives of more pets. All of the proceeds from the pet retail store support AARF’s rescue and adoption program.


AARF Pet Central also offers a wide range of dog training classes at affordable prices. From basic obedience to Canine Good Citizen, the classes help dogs become more integrated members of their families, ultimately helping them stay in their homes. The center hosts a variety of additional pet health and behavior classes and events, from humane education activities for children to pet massage. Dog owners can wash their dogs in the Laundr-O-Mutt’s elevated tubs with a choice of several shampoo options.


Families hoping to add a dog or cat to their home should start their search at AARF Pet Central. The facility has an in-house cat adoption center, with 10-14 cats at any time looking for a new home. Visitors can spend time with the cats in an open, cage-free adoption room, learning each cat’s personality before making a decision to adopt. Cat lovers are also needed as volunteers in the adoption room to help socialize the cats and to keep the adoption room clean and comfortable. Dog adoption days are held onsite once a month, and often include not only AARF dogs, but also dogs from the DeKalb County shelter and other rescue groups. Dogs and some cats live in foster homes, and AARF welcomes new foster homes to join the rescue team.


AARF Pet Central is open six days a week, including extended weekday hours. The facility is located just a few blocks from Main Street in Stone Mountain Village at 6570 James B Rivers Dr. For more information about AARF or their community pet center, AARF Pet Central, call 678-534-3483 or visit www.aarfpetcentral.com.

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