AED Donation to Help Brookhaven Save Lives

The City of Brookhaven will be able to save more lives and money thanks to a newly incorporated nonprofit organization.


The Friends of Brookhaven Foundation has pledged to help raise funds to purchase portable auto-mated external defibrillators (AEDs) for all Brookhaven Police patrol cars, as well as city hall, municipal court and city recreation facilities.


The city has agreed to match each dollar raised by the Friends of Brookhaven Foundation, reducing the expense for the city. AEDs can typically cost between $900 and $1,200 per device.


“AED devices are life-saving and absolutely necessary in an emergency. If having these in our public facilities and patrol cars saves at least one life, it will have been worth the cost,” Mayor J. Max Davis said. “We are grateful that the city will save on the cost of purchasing AEDs thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Brookhaven Foundation and those who donate to this cause.”


The funds will be presented to the city on its birthday: Dec. 17.

Every year, between 300,000 and 400,000 Americans suffer from cardiac arrest, according to a federal Occupation Safety and Health Administration report. Survival rates for cardiac arrest out of hospital care are 1 to 5 percent. However, treatment with immediate defibrillators can result in a survival rate greater than 90 percent, according to OSHA.

Friends of Brookhaven Foundation was recently started by a group of Brookhaven residents and aims to foster a sense of community and enhance the quality of life in the city.


To make a donation, send a check payable to the Friends of Brookhaven Foundation to Brookhaven Bank, 2221 Johnson Ferry Road NE, Brookhaven, 30319 or donate through the website at


–Dean Hesse

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