Atlanta Botanical Garden Presents Imaginary Worlds

Atlanta Botanical GardenThe Atlanta Botanical Garden (ABG) is known for its eye-popping temporary installations; blown glass gargantuas, giant scarecrows and toy train sets on steroids have all embellished its lush land-scape. The ABG just may have outdone itself with the latest- Imaginary Worlds: Plants Larger than Life.


Imaginary Worlds is composed of 19 gigantic living plant sculptures that are shaped through a process called mosaiculture. Unlike traditional topiary in which a plant is simply trimmed into a shape, mosaiculture is an outgrowth of “stuffed topiary,” a technique that incorporates individual plants into a whole.


Mosaiculture starts with the meticulous process of creating a skeleton, upon which is fas-tened moss-filled netting containing thousands of living annuals. Differing patterns of plants add depth, detail and color. Irrigation systems within the work keep the participating plants healthy and vibrant. The pieces were assembled by the nonprofit


Mosaiculture of Montreal, and include a pair of colossal cobras, rabbits, butterflies, a unicorn and a 25-foot goddess. Mosaiculture of Montreal has exhibited its artistry all over the globe, and the ABS installation marks its first ma-jor U.S. exhibition.


Imaginary Worlds opened on May 4 and its denizens will summer at the ABS. The creatures will be featured at the ABS Summer Garden Party on June 30, 7-9 pm.


The Atlanta Botanical Garden is located at 1345 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, 30309. Call 404-876-5859 or visit


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