Atlanta Screams over New Thai Ice Cream

The latest dessert trend is rolled ice cream-the artfully made ice cream was first introduced in Thailand and has now taken the sweet tooth scene by storm.


Rolled ice cream is like the frozen slab technique of preparing ice cream with a new twist, literally. An ice cream base is poured over a metal plate that gets as cold as -15 degrees Fahreneheit. Metal paddles chop and smash in toppings and spread the mixture into a thin layer. In just two minutes, the ice cream firms up and it’s scraped into chubby rolls, ready to serve.
I-CE NY, originally from NYC, recently opened the first Atlanta location on Buford Hwy. The small shop between BoBo Garden and Subway has a wide variety of ice cream selections and create-your-own desserts. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for something Asian, like Thai tea or matcha green tea, or something distinctly southern, like Banana Pudding or Peach Ice cream. Chocolate lovers obsess over “Chocorilla” with chocolate ice cream, banana, Oreo, Pocky and Nutella sauce.


5177 Buford Hwy., Doraville, GA 30340


–Grace Simmons

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