Be Mindful of Stinging Insects

In the summer, it seems we find we are either waving our hands to fan ourselves or swatting away annoying insects. In addition to the flies and mosquitoes, the early arrival of spring and summer this year gave all kinds of bees a head start and they are building some amazing and impressive nests. However, large nests mean a large numbers of bees, and their stings can not only be painful but also dangerous to children, pets and those who are allergic.


StingingWhen working or playing out in the yard, be very mindful of the dangers that can be lurking in the ground, bushes and trees, and under decks and overhangs. Large nests and hives can be home to hundreds of hornets, wasps and yellow jackets. A small honeybee entering a hole in the wall may look innocent, but that hole could actually be the doorway to a colony of thousands of the creatures.


By last month, we (the insect specialists) at Crocodile Dave had already collected numerous hornet nests larger than soccer balls, extracted entire house walls of honeybees, and dug up yards full of yellow jackets.


We urge you to be very cautious when dealing with stinging insects and when in doubt, call a professional.


Have a safe August!
—The Crocodile Dave Team

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