Be Prepared for Animal Emergencies with Pet First Aid & CPR Training

On average 60 percent of all animal hospital visits in the U.S. are emergencies and knowing pet first aid skills can mean the difference between life and death, temporary and permanent disabilities, and expensive vet bills for your furry family member.


According to Nicole Essawy, a certified Pet Tech Instructor, pet emergencies also spike during the holiday season with an increase in poisoning and choking incidents.


Pet Tech is an international organization with a network of over 1,000 instructors that has trained over 30,000 pet lovers. Thousands of pet lives have been saved by their owners or pet professionals through Pet Tech Training in CPR and First Aid & Care for dogs and cats.


Essawy teaches two programs on a regular basis in partnership with the City of Brookhaven: A 5 hour Pet First Aid Class that includes Restraining & Muzzling, Primary Assessment in an Emergency, CPR & Rescue Breathing, Choking Management, Bleeding & Shock Treatment, First-Aid Kit Content, Insect Bites/Stings & Snakebites, Heat & Cold Injuries, Seizures, Poisoning and an 8 hour PetSaver Class that includes all the topics in the First Aid Class plus Pet’s Vitals, Nutrition, Dental Care, General Lifestyle & Wellness, Senior Pets, Holistic/Natural Alternatives and learning on how to do regular Snout-To-Tail Assessments with your pet in order to detect health issues early.


For both classes every student receives a handbook, certificate and official registration with the Pet Tech Organization, which is a little bit like the American Red Cross for the pets.


“As an instructor I am certified by Pet Tech, but we are all independent and have our unique style and focus in teaching classes.” Said Essawy. “Teaching these classes is my main focus, but I am also writing articles for the Atlanta Pet Life Magazine about safety issues. What distinguishes me from other instructors is my focus on holistic alternatives, which can also save you money. I not only teach with stuffed animals, but also have a simulator manikin to practice CPR and rescue breathing, which is much more of a lifelike experience. All classes are hands-on. Mostly my classes are taking place in Brookhaven, but I also give customized classes for businesses in the pet industry, training their staff in their own facility.”


For more information and to sign up for classes or purchase a gift certificate for a pet lover visit:


–Dean Hesse

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