Betty Lindy Just Keeps Moving

“I just know that a person has to keep moving,” said Chamblee resident Betty Lindy. That sage advice is meant both metaphorically and literally, as Lindy has just completed her 24th Peachtree Road Race — at age 89!
Lindy grew up in Minnesota and was swept up in the maelstrom of World War II service fresh out of high school. She learned to do sheet metal work and radio installation on military aircraft. A crash course in Morse code led to a Federal Communications Commission license and a seven-year radio operator gig with Northwest Airlines in Chicago. Marriage and two children brought her to Atlanta in 1958, where she settled into a quarter-century career as an executive secretary at the Lenox Square Rich’s department store.


Flash forward to 1987 when Lindy had just driven her daughter Kerry and son-in-law Gene to the starting point of the Peachtree Road Race.


“I had never seen a road race, but was so inspired watching all the participants,” said Lindy.
At age 63, Lindy was hooked. She consulted with her doctor and was given the green light to start training. Lindy began with short runs around her neighborhood, joined the Atlanta Track Club for sup-port and began participating in track events including her inaugural Peachtree. In later years, Lindy has added race-walking to her repertoire.


“I now use that method to move me down the road,” she said.


Lindy said “starting up that first hill” was the most challenging part of the 2014 Peachtree.


“I had already put in three miles,” she said. “So, I couldn’t stop then.” And yes, she did finish the 10K course.


That tenacity may well propel Lindy to celebrating her silver anniversary as a Peachtree participant. “I hope I can do the race next year,” she said. “I would be 90 years old and it would be my 25th Peachtree. It sort of sounds good, doesn’t it?”


–Steve Kilbride

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