Brookhaven Police Officer Saved Man’s Life

As the 2017 winter holidays commenced last year, news surfaced how on Nov. 21 Brookhaven Police Officer Sarah Miller saved the life of a construction worker, Carlos Moran. While he and Miguel Zabaleta worked at a site near the Kroger on Johnson Ferry Rd., an accident spun things out of control. Atfer they placed scaffolding against a building, a metal pole slipped, hit a power line, and caused an explosion, electrocuting them both.


Officer Sarah Miller, on patrol nearby, heard and saw the explosion, rushing to the scene. Zabaleta was stunned but breathing, but Moran was unconscious. As co-workers attempted CPR, it was apparent that Carlos had stopped breathing. Taking charge, Officer Miller said CPR should continue, and meanwhile she seized her city-issued AED (automated external defibulator).


She then used it to literally shock Moran back into consciousness and into life. “She got (Moran) breathing again and his heart beating again,” Brookhaven Police Chief Gary Yandina later said in a public statement.


Officials transported both men to Grady Memorial Hospital, which expected full recovery for them. Doctors there were surprised that Moran lived through the terrifying episode.


Officer Miller credited the construction workers nearby and “teamwork together, we were actually able to get him (Moran) breathing again and get a heart rated going.” It’s clear, though, that she saved his life with her defibulator, as later revealed by Miller’s body cam. “I put the pads (for the AED) where I was supposed to,” she later said, remembering her training, and it worked. “Seeing him kinda like breathing again and feeling a heartbeat, that was amazing.”


Brookhaven Police spokesman Carlos Niños praised Moran’s co-workers also, but especially Officer Sarah Miller for being a “proactive police officer.” And he added, “She’s definitely being commended for that.”


–Dr. Paul Hudson

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