Capital City Country Club, 1981

The landmark Capital City Country Club in Brookhaven achieved a nearly perfect look by 1981 when it completed an important phase of an extensive renovation. It had been a long process to modernize and expand an impressive recreation complex centered on the historic clubhouse and surrounded by golf links.


Capital City Club


Aerial view of beautiful country club complex in Brookhaven after a major part of the renovation plan was completed.


After the Capital City Club in downtown Atlanta acquired the original Brookhaven Country Club building in 1913, it used the old clubhouse, now demolished, for more than a decade. The new name for the facility became the Capital City Country Club. Finally in 1928 the current building, rendered in Norman style architecture, was erected. The freestanding structure originally stood in isolation.


Extensive renovations in the late 1970s added new dining areas, an elevator and a connecting section linking the clubhouse with the pool and deck area. All-weather tennis courts were installed. Improvements to the clubhouse complex cost about two million dollars, and in 1981 there was a festive open house for members to inspect the project. It was, as pictured above, a stunning makeover.


Dr. Paul Hudson, historian at Georgia Perimeter College and a longtime resident of the Brookhaven area, writes stories for the Brookhaven Buzz.

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