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Historic Theatre Offers Fabulous Holiday Fun


The stunning Fox Theatre opened on a magical Christmas Day in 1929- and continues to be a wonderful place for entertainment and creating memories for families and friends that last forever.   Atlanta is lucky to have the Fox, which [...]


Students with Their Own Businesses Can Apply Now For an NFIB Scholarship


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Young Entrepreneur Foundation announced that its scholarship application for the 2017 NFIB Young Entrepreneur Awards is now open through Dec. 18. High school seniors who run their own business and plan to attend [...]


School for Chefs at Northlake is Winding Down


For years I’ve been proud that Le Cordon Bleu, the world renowned network of institutes dedicated to pro-viding the highest level of culinary instruction, operated nearby on Lakeside Parkway. In 2016, Le Cordon Bleu International announced that all of its [...]


GA Pilots Voter Registration by Text


Georgians now can now register to vote or check their voting information by text message. Eligible voters may text “GA” or “Georgia” and then move to “2 VOTE” (28683). That is the link to the state Online Voter Registration (ONLVR) [...]


Building Boom on Peachtree


If you spend any time on Peachtree Boulevard in recent months, you cannot help but notice one of Greater Atlanta’s biggest building booms. From Town Brookhaven north to Chamblee, huge swaths of land are being developed into housing, commercial/retail construction [...]


Flying Tigers at Atlanta Warbird Weekend


It’s important our children know that warbirds refer to vintage military aircraft, not angry birds equipped for battle. The famous WWII fighters with the shark-faced nose art will be on display at Peachtree DeKalb Airport dur-ing Atlanta Warbird Weekend September [...]


When Autos Were Mass Produced in Doraville


Commuters taking Motors Industrial Way in Doraville have for months seen progress on a large, dusty construc-tion site for Nalley Automotive car dealership and service. It’s ironic, because decades ago this I-285 access road was once widely travelled by auto [...]


Techniques to Raising Happy Children

happy healthy kids playing leapfrog outdoors in summer

Do this. Be here. Listen to me. Any good parent wants to raise happy, well-adjusted children, but the way they go about often undermines that goal.   “As a rabbi, I’ve watched a lot of parents over the years,” says [...]


The Peachtree and Independence Day


Since 1970, the Peachtree Road Race, organized by the Atlanta Track Club (ATC) has become an enduring, endearing city tradition. In the first race, runners paid a $2 entry fee and lined up at the old start at the intersection [...]


Atlanta’s Federal Reserve Bank Counts


Get out of this pool this summer and learn about the flow of money at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. With school out of session, it’s important to keep your mind ticking with mental exercises. Touring At-lanta’s Federal Reserve [...]

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