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4 Spring & Summer Safety Tips for Pet People


Winter is over. In fact, it’s long gone. Most of us have abandoned our hibernation caves and traded the chill dark days for some sunnier romps outside. And we aren’t the only excited ones either — you can bet your [...]


Shoot the Hooch to Protect Our Endangered Waterway


“Travel is smooth and the current is light. Light diffuses and glitters off the waves of our oars. It’s surprising how quickly time goes by. The sounds of the road disappear. All you can hear are the splashes of our [...]


Oglethorpe Prof is Threefold Jeopardy! Champ


On the world’s most famous gameshow, Dr. Philip Tiu, Professor of Mathematics at Oglethorpe University, became a big time Jeopardy! Champion from March 14-16, before admitting defeat on the March 17 episode. Of the hundreds of stars on the popular [...]


Brookhaven’s Funny Neighbor Paul Ollinger


Dunwoody native Paul Ollinger is back, bringing with him the perfect mixture of comedy and wisdom. Ollinger is a social media veteran, having worked a one of the original 250 employees at Facebook and Ya-hoo. He holds a BA from [...]


Southeastern Railway Museum Spring 2016


Duluth’s hidden gem, the Southeastern Railway Museum, was designated Georgia’s Official Transportation His-tory Museum this yearby a resolution of the state legislature in 2001 and is just south of downtown Duluth. The mu-seum is home to over 90 pieces of [...]


Atlanta History Center Exhibit Is a Time Capsule


Atlanta in 50 Objects, an exhibit on display through July 10, takes a time capsule approach to Atlanta’s past. Time capsules, consisting of artifacts thought to be representative of a period of time, involve highly selective choices that attempt to [...]


Nation’s Top Artisans Under One Roof


Thousands of fine craft lovers and collectors come far and wide to enjoy the breathtaking presentations at the annual American Craft Show in Atlanta. With over 225 of the country’s best contemporary craft makers under one roof, show-goers enjoy one-of-a-kind [...]


St. Patrick’s Day in 1916 Atlanta

St. Patrick's Day Greetings

St. Patrick’s Day in old Atlanta was a lot quieter than it is in modern times. After all, prohibition was already estab-lished in Georgia 100 years ago. How much celebrating can you do without that ubiquitous “green beer?” As one [...]


Atlanta’s Antiques in Blockbuster Films


Out with the old Hollywood, and in with the new Atlanta as the prime spot for the film industry. Since 2008, Atlanta has played backdrop to more than 140 films and TV shows (and counting), according to the Georgia De-partment [...]


New DeKalb Animal Shelter will be near PDK Airport


DeKalb County plans to build a greatly needed animal shelter in Chamblee on a 5-acre site adjacent to DeKalb Peachtree Airport.   Community activists have pushed for better animal services in DeKalb since 2011, when a citizen task force issued [...]

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