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Be the Coolest, Most Energy-Efficient Home On the Block This Summer


This summer, homeowners don’t have to choose between being cool and eco-conscious. Today’s innovations make it “no sweat” to enjoy both with smart home climate control technologies and advanced air-conditioning systems created to achieve maximum energy efficiency and comfort.   [...]


When Storm Season Approaches, Ready Your Outdoor Power Equipment


At any time of year, storm preparedness is important. Hurricanes, floods and storms can damage property and endanger lives. The preparations you make ahead of bad weather, however, can help you recover faster and stay safer during the storm and [...]


Lawn Equipment: Keep Safety In Mind


When spring is on its way, home owners are often eager to get outside and spruce up their yards. It’s important when doing so to keep safety in mind. “Before you use a mower, trimmer, blower, chain saw, pruner or [...]


Spring (Duct) Cleaning


Two out of three American homes get a thorough cleaning at least once a year, reports the American Cleaning Institute, often in the springtime.   A Problem: That can be a healthy thing to do, but there’s one place even [...]


Feed a Bee, Feed the Planet


Apples, broccoli, cherries, almonds all have something in common that may surprise you. Each one of these foods is available thanks to the honey bee and other pollinators. In fact, about one-third of the human food supply depends on bees [...]


7 Questions to Ask Around Winterizing Outdoor Power Equipment

StV Brings Hope

When the colder weather blows in, it’s often time to put away such outdoor power equipment as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and trimmers, and get out snow throwers, generators and other small-engine equipment.   Questions To Consider To help home [...]


Be Savvy About Succulents


Easy to care for, long lasting and more popular than ever, succulents are the plants that people are buying for themselves and giving as gifts to bring the beauty of nature inside.   Succulent plants have long made a thoughtful [...]


Get Smart About ‘Smart’ Home Cooling This Summer


As temperatures rise, homeowners can beat the heat by combining “smart” home climate control tech-nologies with the latest air-conditioning systems to heighten energy efficiency and take customized com-fort to new levels. With home cooling accounting for nearly half of all [...]


Lantana for Bees, Butterflies and Hummingbirds


Do you love the sight of butterflies and hummingbirds whirling and fluttering about your garden as summer wanes? As a long time gardener both for in-ground plants and containers, I can find nothing better and recommend lantana for your yard [...]


What You Need to Know About Your Ductwork


Your health and your wealth. Those are the two major reasons you should have your HVAC system inspected by a reputable, certified professional. Consider this:   Your Health Your heating and cooling system is essentially the lungs of your home. [...]

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