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6 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter


As days get shorter and temperatures drop, many homeowners overlook their lawns’ needs. Unfortunately, winter can be brutal and make it hard for lawns, trees and shrubs to thrive the following spring.   Just like chapped lips and dry skin, [...]


Prep Your Home For Fall


As the days get shorter and the kids go back to school, prepare for the cooler weather by getting orga-nized and completing basic maintenance. You’ll save money, time and space!   Keep It Moving After heavy summer use, clean out [...]


The Right Contractor: Key to Successful Paving Project


Concrete paver patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks, as well as outdoor fire pits and kitchens, can im-prove your family’s quality of life now and enhance your home’s curb appeal when the time comes to sell.   Choosing the right [...]


You Can Help Stop Invasive Pests


There’s good news for those who enjoy outdoor activities. By taking a few simple steps, they can help protect the environment from invasive pests and the damage they can cause. Many are surprised to learn that taking part in pastimes [...]


Pollinators: More Than Just Bees


Bees are synonymous with pollination—and for good reason. Their size, shape and physical characteristics—fuzzy bodies that so effectively collect and transport pollen—make them efficient foragers. Additionally, they are conditioned to collect ample pollen to take back to their brood, a [...]


Growing Worms for Composting


Growing worms is a fun way of getting rid of your garbage and to create black gold compost. Worm compost may be called other names, such as castings or worm poop. It sounds gross, but garbage is filtered through a [...]


Prepare Your Deck for Outdoor Entertaining Season


This year, designers are seeing a growing trend emerge among homeowners: bringing their interior design aesthetic to their outdoor spaces. “Homeowners are looking for ways to let their personalities shine throughout every room in their homes, including the outdoors,” says [...]


Gardening Tool Care


Before diving into yard care, make sure your lawn and gardening tools are up to the task with proper maintenance. The tips below could save you money and time by extending the life of your tools.   Hand Tool Maintenance [...]


Planting Your Summer Herb Garden


April is the month to get started on your summer herb garden. With all the warm weather in 2017, it may even be a little late although my general rule of thumb is to plant them around April 15th. If [...]


Versatile Tools, One Beautiful Yard


Want to get your outdoors in shape quickly and without a garage full of equipment? It all starts with power equipment that provides consumers maximum versatility, ease of operation and the ultimate in convenient storage.   Now, you can use [...]

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