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Three Simple Ways To Aid Pollinators


Here’s the buzz on an important aspect of helping our environment. Pollinator health can some-times seem as complex as a beehive with the multiple challenges bees face. Pests, pathogens, dis-eases, climate change, improper use of pesticides and habitat loss are [...]


Late-Flowering Perennials Bring Jewel-Like Colors To Your Garden


What strikes us most about the fall is that yellow and red leaves have dropped from the trees. Instinctively, this is a sign that the gardening season is over. All is not what it seems, however. Did you know that [...]


Selecting A Zero-Turn Mower


Every lawn is unique. From slopes and rough terrain to a cleverly crafted maze of trees, each lawn requires the right mower to make clean, precise cuts. To help you make the right decision when it comes to mower selec-tion, [...]


Protect Gardens From Invasive Pests


Nothing tastes better than fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, invasive pests threaten to de-vour the crops in our gardens and farms, and the flowers, trees and plants in our landscapes. They are a real threat, costing our nation approximately $120 [...]


Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes Six Ways


According to the World Health Organization, as many as 3 to 4 million people may be exposed to the Zika vi-rus in the next 12 months—but you and your family don’t have to be among them. To combat the Zika [...]


The Buzz On Bees


If you’ve ever wondered where the term “worker bee” comes from, consider this when you sit down for your next meal: One out of every three bites of food you eat exists because of bees and other pollinators. Without their [...]


Prepare Your Deck for Outdoor Entertaining Season


This year, designers are seeing a growing trend emerge among homeowners: bringing their interior design aesthetic to their outdoor spaces. “Homeowners are looking for ways to let their personalities shine throughout every room in their homes, including the outdoors,” says [...]


Low Maintenance Vegetable Gardening for a Bountiful Harvest


Increase your harvest without increasing the size of your garden or workload. All you need is a bit of inten-sive planting, along with some low maintenance techniques. Invest some time upfront to prepare the garden soil. This will save you [...]


Create a Garden Anywhere With Straw Bales


Add productive garden space and raise your planting bed with straw bale gardening. This technique allows gardeners to create raised bed gardens on a patio, lawn or any area with poor compacted soil. Straw bale gardening has been around for [...]


Three Easy Steps to Creating the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams


There’s no better time than now to make the most out of your outdoor living space before the cool months arrive. Creating an outdoor haven is easier to achieve than you think thanks to a few expert tips. These simple [...]

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