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Marshmallows, Patience and Trust


Recently, I was reminded of the famous Stanford experiment in the 1970s that tested children’s pa-tience. A child was offered a single marshmallow (or cookie) to eat right away, but, if they could wait, they would get two marshmallows. The [...]


Trees Atlanta Launches New Environmental Summer Camp


Trees Atlanta is excited to announce the inaugural Junior TreeKeepers summer camp. Junior TreeKeepers is a summertime extension of Trees Atlanta’s popular youth environmental education programs, which is a free program offered to more than 20 schools in the metro [...]


Nature as a Classroom


With spring upon us, the natural world is bursting with activity and growth. Children are beginning to play more outside, and so the importance of the outdoors to the child’s development becomes more prominent. Playing outdoors provides opportunities for physical [...]


Six Ways To Impact College Savings With Tax Savings

Graduation portrait

College can be expensive but it can also pay off in two ways. First, college graduates earn, on av-erage, nearly a million dollars more over a lifetime than non-college graduates, the Census Bureau re-ports. Second, the money you invest now [...]


Tips For Keeping Your Child’s Visit To The Dentist A Safe One


While going to the dentist is vital because oral health affects overall health, parents should be aware of specific precautions to take to protect their children during visits to the dentist and orthodon-tist.   There are a number of infection [...]


Donors Choose: Chalk to Computers


OK, maybe chalk is a bit old-school. But kids in public schools certainly need computers, not to mention backpacks, calculators and microscopes – resources often lacking in cash-strapped school districts. If one has had the pleasure to know a public [...]


Give The Gift Of A College Education


A great gift is one that doesn’t break, become outgrown or go out of style. It grows in value and meaning over the years. For example, you can give someone you care about the gift of a college education offered [...]


The Virtues of Boredom


We live in a society in hyper drive. We constantly move from one scheduled activity to another – work, school, music lessons, sports practice, meetings and more. Many children never get the chance to experience much free time. But this [...]


Making Smart Decisions About Video Games


If it sometimes seems that every young person you see has a video game in hand, it may be be-cause they do. According to recent research by The NPD Group, 91 percent of kids – more than 60 million across [...]


Sleep, the Lost Frontier


In our age of electronics and hectic lifestyle, almost everyone is sleep deprived. Lack of enough quality sleep is a major problem that I observe in families today. Sleep is not only important to our bodies, it is equally important [...]

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