Love Those Pets


Holiday Lovin’ at PAWS Atlanta


Take a dog out and about for a holiday day trip! Holiday Lovin’ allows pets and people to take some time to decompress during the busy holiday season. Come take a dog out of the shelter for a Saturday, go [...]


Holiday Gift Ideas Sure To Please Your Pet


The holidays are fast approaching, and as wish lists are created and shopping starts, many people will be sure to include their four-legged family members in the process. According to a 2011 Petfinder poll, 63 percent of dog owners and [...]


Save a Pet, Protect a Pet, Adopt a Pet


October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month. This is a great time to remind everyone and particularly animal lovers about the importance of safe practices in caring for animals. One of the most im-portant ways we can protect our [...]


Lifeline Animal Project Takes Over HSUS’ Pets for Life Program in Atlanta


LifeLine Animal Project is excited to announce they have taken over The Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) Pets for Life program in Atlanta as an official mentorship group, providing direct, hands-on community outreach and free services to people [...]


Close The Lid On Cat Litter Odor


According to the ASPCA, there are more than 85 million pet cats in America. If one (or more) of them is yours, you may have noticed one aspect of cat companionship that’s less than delightful: the litter box. Fortu-nately for [...]


Small Thrift Store On Track to Raise $1 Million For Atlanta’s Homeless Pets


Second Life Atlanta, a non-profit thrift store in DeKalb County, has a mission to raise $1 million for metro Atlanta’s and Georgia’s homeless pets and animals in need. So far they have raised $890,000 and expect to reach the $1 [...]


2017 Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends of Stone Mountain “Georgia Cool Cruiser” show


Decatur Estate & Way Back Antiques is hosting the Annual 2017 Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) of Stone Mountain “Georgia Cool Cruiser” show hosted by Rick Ellis on Sunday, June 11th, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Decatur Estate & Way [...]


Summer Fun with Your Dog

Young woman playing with her dog

Do you enjoy outdoor summer activities? Chances are, your dog does, too. But we always need to keep our four-legged friends safe and comfortable as the temperatures rise.   1) Keep water handy for you pup if you’re planning on [...]


Your Fur Nanny, The Doggie Entrepreneur


Following your dreams can be scary. Working for yourself takes courage, resourcefulness and a lot of hard work. Tucker resident Lisa Peterson is an accountant-turned-pet sitter who wouldn’t trade her journey as an entrepreneur for the world. Peterson’s business, Your [...]


Fascinating Facts About Humans And Animals


If yours is like most households in the U.S., you have at least one pet. That’s a good thing, considering that people who understand health care have discovered something interest-ing about animals – they can help improve your health.   [...]

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