Love Those Pets


Your Fur Nanny, The Doggie Entrepreneur


Following your dreams can be scary. Working for yourself takes courage, resourcefulness and a lot of hard work. Tucker resident Lisa Peterson is an accountant-turned-pet sitter who wouldn’t trade her journey as an entrepreneur for the world. Peterson’s business, Your [...]


Fascinating Facts About Humans And Animals


If yours is like most households in the U.S., you have at least one pet. That’s a good thing, considering that people who understand health care have discovered something interest-ing about animals – they can help improve your health.   [...]


Pet Play with a Superstar Twist from Petmate’s WWE Collection


Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle for pets. They need to get up and get active to stay healthy and fit. And, just as for people, exercise is not only important for pets physically, but crucial to [...]


Pointer On Pets


Just like us, our pets can experience stress; stress can be caused by fear, excitement and anxiety. There is a solution to help your pets manage stressful situations naturally. NaturVet Quiet Moments is veterinarian formu-lated and recommended to support the [...]


Be Prepared for Animal Emergencies with Pet First Aid & CPR Training


On average 60 percent of all animal hospital visits in the U.S. are emergencies and knowing pet first aid skills can mean the difference between life and death, temporary and permanent disabilities, and expensive vet bills for your furry family [...]


Help Lassie (And Fluffy) Come Home


Each year, 14 percent of dogs and 15 percent of cats escape or are abandoned, and while most will naturally return to their owners, there are over a million lost animals wandering around America. Fortunately, yours don’t have to be [...]


Take Your Cat On An Adventure


Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors or within the walls of their own home, cats have a knack for making the ordinary extraordinary.   To help cat owners rethink the ordinary and inspire them to keep the adventure alive with [...]


A Variety of Volunteers: Atlanta Pet Partners


Volunteering allows people to give back and enrich others’ lives. But why stop there? Volunteering doesn’t have to just be for people, four legged friends can often provide the most empathetic and encouraging visits.   Atlanta Pet Partners believes in [...]


Fala, the Amazing Presidential Dog


Few pets have been as beloved as President Franklin Roosevelt’s Scottish terrier Fala. A gift from his cousin Daisy, Roosevelt, named the pup after his Scottish ancestor John Murray the Outlaw of Falahill, shortened to Fala. He came to FDR [...]


Improve Your Pet’s Health And Your Own Wealth


You can now invest in your pet’s health and happiness in two special ways.   First, you can get a smart pendant that lets you track your pet’s everyday physical activity, GPS location and overall performance. Taking into account the [...]

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