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Goats Spotted at Sagamore Hills Elementary School in DeKalb County!


We had goats at our school! At Sagamore Hills Elementary we had goats come to our school to eat all of the poison ivy and overgrown weeds around our playground and creek area – which also helped with the mosquitoes [...]


A Dawg for the Generations


The UGA live mascot Uga, an abbreviated name taken from the University of Georgia, is world famous. Top rated as a college mascot according to Sports Illustrated magazine, Uga means a title in an unbroken, related line of selected English [...]


Letter to Editor From Kiddos the Kitty


Hi Humans, My name is Kiddos, the kitten and I am here to speak to you about being a good kitty owner. First, you must never declaw. I use my claws for climbing, shoulder strength, walking, scratching, balance, self-defense, playing, [...]


Declare Your Cat Pride


(NAPS)—For anyone who’s ever wondered what it means to be a “cat person,” a recent survey by Toluna Analytics may provide some surprising answers. Today’s cat person tends to be smart, independ-ent, friendly and active. The survey also found that [...]


Odor Answers


(NAPS)—As your nose knows, your beloved pet can make a stinky mess—but there are simple ways by which you can cope. For starters, be sure your pet is of a size suitable to your environment, your dog is walked promptly [...]


Keeping Animal Stars Safe


(NAPS)—Since the dawn of Hollywood, animal stars have played some of the most unforgettable characters ever seen on the silver screen. Their characters have charmed and delighted moviegoers and television audiences for generations. From legendary characters of a bygone era [...]


DeKalb County District Hosts “PAWS for the Cause” Event


DeKalb County District Robert James will join a host of community partners and animal lovers for the 2015 PAWS for the Cause community awareness event on Saturday, April 18, at Glenlake Park located at 1121 Church Street in Decatur. The [...]


Don’t Pay For A Purebred—Adopt One


(NAPSI)—Are you looking for a certain kind of furry family member? Consider adoption as an option. De-spite popular belief, not all pets needing homes are mixed breeds. In fact, as many as 25 percent of the 8 million dogs and [...]


Supporting Your Pet’s Liver Health


(NAPS)—Many may be surprised to learn that a disease commonly associated with humans can also put your dog or cat at risk. Fortunately, there are management options.   Experts say that liver disease can affect pets of any age. The [...]


Give Your Dog Comfort And Security


(NAPS)—At holiday time or any time you and your family are busy, it’s important to remember that pets can get stressed out, especially if they spend a lot more time alone than normal.   Now And Den: Fortunately, there is [...]

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