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Hundreds of Dachshunds (and their People!) Take Over Atlanta for Howl-O-Weenie


The Howl-O-Weenie Dachshund Festival is a free festival that features a day of fun events for Dachs-hunds and people alike on Saturday, Oct. 5 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event will be located at Liane Leve-tan Park at [...]


Echo Takes A Nap


The following is a story in a series about Echo the Cat, written by children’s author Jacqueline Lee.   Yawning… I think it’s time for a nap. Scooping out the house to make sure I’m all alone. Looking around cautiously, [...]


Bark in the Park

Bark Park

America’s favorite past time with Atlanta’s favorite sports team can now be enjoyed with one of our favorite members of the household! Bark in the Park returns to Turner Field on September 15 for the 15th bi-annual event where you [...]


Puppy and Kitten Season Is Here!

Puppy Season

Spring is here, which means sunny days, blooming flowers, and warmer weather. It also marks the beginning of puppy and kitten season in Atlanta, which actually lasts through three seasons of the year. Local county shelters are already overflowing with pregnant dogs and cats, mamas with newborn puppies and kittens, and boxes of puppies and kittens turned in by owners. While every pet at the shelters deserve a second chance, there is something especially gut wrenching when these tiny new lives hope for a rescuer or adopter. Help Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) save lives and find owners for these puppies and kittens.


Find a Friend at Furkids


In 2002, Samantha Shelton rescued a mother cat with kittens and attempted to give them to a shelter. Finding no room at the inn, she took matters into her own hands and coordinated a network of foster homes, enlisting a local PetSmart as an adoption outlet. From that modest litter grew Furkids. Shelton’s shelter which now boasts a 5000-square-foot facility in Doraville with capacity for 275 cats, and a separate shelter in Alpharetta devoted to dogs.


Help for Pill-Finicky Pets


Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but a new trick with a treat on your part can help your dog—and cat—get older, healthier and happier. Here’s how. When you need to administer medication to your pets or improve their diet with a supplement, you can now make it seem like a treat. That’s because a new line of veterinarian-tested and -endorsed pet care products takes the difficulty and danger out of giving medicine to pill-finicky pets with a safe way to split or crush pills, then turn them into delicious homemade cat and dog treats.


Corrina’s Corner: A Pet Food Revolution


Corrina’s Corner, a raw meat pet food store, is the newest shop to open in the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur. Jacques Duplantier, a lawyer, is the sole proprietor and operator of the store. The pet food store is named after Duplantier’s dog, Corrina. On his website, Duplantier shared that he found Corrina at a local rescue in Minnesota where in poor condition and ‘totally lethargic.‘


Tips on Giving Your Child a Pet

Tips on Giving Pets

The holidays are over, but consider these tips when giving your child a pet. 1) First, go over a child’s wish list together to see if they will appreciate and care for a new pet. Ask the child how he or she would care for the pet if someone granted his or her wish. Make sure to remind them that pets need to be fed, taken care of and they can often make extra messes. Of course, a child is likely to promise to do everything involving the pet, so it’s important to remember that the younger the child is, the more the responsibility will fall on the parents.


Georgia Teenager Donates to Worthy Cause

Teenager Donates

When does a teenager give up her hard-earned tutoring money at a time when everyone is shopping for the holidays? Jessica Garcia has only been tutoring for a year and half and knows how long it takes to earn $100 dollars. But she has always been passionate about helping others less fortunate. One day an announcement came during a high school meeting …“If you want to join the Homeless Pet Clubs (HPC), please sign up.” She knew immediately that this was the kind of club she wanted to be a part of. The HPC club was perfect because it connects students with their local animal shelter and allows them to be super heroes when it comes to finding loving homes for dogs and cats sitting in cages.


Vet School for a Day

Vet School

The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine has set September 26 as the date for its eighth annual “Vet School for a Day” program. “Vet School for a Day” will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the College of Veterinary Medicine’s campus in Athens and is designed to educate high school juniors and seniors about the wide variety of careers available in veterinary medicine. The day includes a tour of the teaching hospital, a panel discussion by faculty veterinarians in a variety of specialties and the opportunity for high school students to meet veterinary student leaders. Students also will learn about the high standards for admission to the college and what they need to study to be prepared for veterinary school.

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