California Avocados Hit Their Peak Just In Time For Summer


Summer is upon us and it’s time to celebrate as California avocados are at the peak of their season and freshly picked in season produce is at its peak in flavor and nutrition. The nutrient-dense fruit stands as the highlight [...]


Enjoy the Best of Seasonal Spring Flavors With California Avocados


The Golden State and its farmers have garnered a delicious reputation for the fresh fruits and crisp vegetables they produce locally. Springtime is when many of those products reach the peak of their seasons, including the heart-healthy su-perfood California avocados, [...]


Tooth-Friendly Tailgating


Throughout the season, for many football fans, the real game is played on an entirely different field of play: the park-ing lot. Tailgating in Wisconsin is taken as seriously as the game itself, often featuring an assortment of brats, hamburgers, [...]


Hearty and Healthy California Sweet Potato Chili


Here’s a new take on an old favorite. Loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to make. Serve with an array of garnishes, allowing diners to customize their bowls.   California Sweet Potato Chili Serves 6 – 2 T [...]


Treat Your Guests to a Terrific Trifle


This elegant Swedish Ten-Minute Trifle makes a great dessert, especially for berry lovers. Sweden, home of the smorgasbord, a tempting spread of sweet and savory dishes, is a rich source of healthy, deli-cious, special occasion recipes for home entertaining. One [...]


Eggplant and Prosciutto for Winter


Cold winter days call for healthy meals to brave any snow and icy rains that come our way. That doesn’t mean endless bowls of chili, soups or dull winter meals of root veggies and random meat concoctions. One good alternative [...]


Spicing Up Traditional Southern Fare


As a born and bred southerner, I love cabbage, carrots and bacon – LOTS of bacon. In recent years, however, my home in Decatur has welcomed a wealth of Indian restaurants and those rich and varied flavors have become favorites. [...]


Celebrate Popcorn: October Is National Popcorn Poppin Month


Popcorn lovers rejoice: October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, a seasonal celebration of one of America’s oldest and most beloved snack foods. As farmers head into the fields to harvest crops, families and friends gather to honor this ever-popular treat. [...]


Make Your Own Eggplant Parmigiana


Who doesn’t like a sumptuous Italian meal rich with spices, herbs, cheese and EGGPLANT? One of my favorite Italian dishes is eggplant parmigiana and it always seemed much too complex to try at home. But it isn’t that difficult at [...]


Less Salt But Lots of Flavor


The order to EAT LESS SALT arrived in our house recently. That means a radical change in eating habits with fewer meals out and definitely no fast food. I will admit that re-structuring all one’s recipes has been a difficult [...]

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