Ginger Chicken and Kale For Summer Meals


I love the great wealth and variety of summer vegetables but get tired of salads or raw veggies only. Despite the heat of summer, some kind of meat and cooked vegetables are a must but who wants to spend a [...]


Cool Salads for Summer


If you are like me, heavy meals just don’t “sit well” during the long, hot and humid days of an Atlanta summer. Much as I love barbecue with its thick, sweet sauces, it is something I always replace with cool [...]


Fresh Corn Is A Summer Delight


If there is one summer veggie that exemplifies the best of the season and the South, it is corn. This sta-ple is a regional favorite used in countless recipes from cornbread to simple roasted ears slathered with sweet butter. During [...]


Eggplant In Spicy Brown Sauce


If you are like me, favorite restaurant foods are always a form of inspiration. One of the best taste treats at Oriental eateries is eggplant and peppers in a spicy brown sauce which turns out to be surprisingly easy to [...]


Chicken, Rice and Beans Make a Classic Combination


Two of the world’s great flavor combinations are classics in multiple world cultures. Chicken and rice or beans and rice recipes are bedrock creations in many cuisines and are a favorite in my household. I recently decided to make it [...]


Punch Up the Flavor of Your One-Pot Meal and Wow the Crowd


Low and slow is the way to go when it comes to entertaining. Start marinating the night before, prep the rest of the ingredients in the morning, drop it all into the slow cooker and let the magic begin as [...]


Grits – More than Breakfast Food


Grits aren’t just for breakfast. This ground corn meal staple of southern dining has long been the “ugly stepchild” of meals relegated to bland supporting roles at the breakfast table; always eclipsed by egg and meat creations enhanced by gravies, [...]


Cranberry Orange Cheese Pie


A fantastic cheese pie, perfect for any fall holiday table. Canola adds to the silkiness of this decadent creamy pie.   Ingredients: Crust 3/4 cup pecan halves (175 mL) 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs (125 mL) 2 tsp canola oil [...]


Hot Party Idea: Buffalo Wing Dip & Crackers


Hot Party Idea: Buffalo Wing Dip & Crackers Whether you’re hosting a game-watching party, a holiday get-together, a birthday, anniversary or any occasion, a little planning and a delicious dip can help it all go smoothly.   Ten Party-Planning Tips [...]


Roasted Okra For Fall


You can never be a true southern cook and NOT love okra. This unique vegetable originally from Af-rica is a seed pod with one of the most fascinating flavors in the vegetable world. It is also full of delightful textures [...]

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