California Sweet Potatoes For Holidays And Every Day


Here’s food for thought: As more and more Americans realize, sweet potatoes can be enjoyed not only during the winter holidays but on other holidays and on a regular old Tuesday night, for that matter.   High in vitamin B6, [...]


Five Tips To Shake Up Your Everyday Chicken Dinner


While it can be easy to get stuck in a rut with family meal options, especially as schedules get hectic and you don’t have much time to plan ahead, there are easy ways to shake up your next chicken dinner [...]


Baked Zucchini for A Healthier Side


Squash is my favorite vegetable and it comes in endless varieties. There are also innumerable recipes for preparing the various types from plain old yellow squash to acorn, spaghetti, butternut and zucchini. Almost all those include large additions of unhealthy [...]


Bake Up Delicious Breakfast Bars For Busy Kids


Here’s news many families may consider a wake-up call: Studies show that kids who eat breakfast have better concentration and more energy. Yet approximately 8 to 12 percent of all school-aged kids skip this important meal.   Why Eat Breakfast [...]


Easy, Elegant And Appealing Appetizer


This holiday season, you can greet last-minute guests, have a spontaneous get-together with the neighbors after caroling, host an impromptu present-wrapping party, or enhance a quiet evening at home with the family after shopping with this quick and easy appetizer: [...]


Healthy Sweet Potatoes for the Holidays


A real southern meal for the holidays is never complete without sweet potatoes. This healthier alternative to its distant relative, the white potato, usually loses its “healthy glow” in dishes loaded with white and brown sugar, candied nuts and/or masses [...]


Eat Well, Do Good with Good Measure Meals


How would you like to have ready-to-eat gourmet meals delivered to your house? Atlanta and Athens non-profit Good Measure Meals is a meal delivery service that provides affordable, gourmet meals designed to help people meet their health and weight goals [...]


Four Tips For A Sweeter, Simpler Life


These days, many Americans are embracing simplicity for a more balanced and joyful life. They’re cutting out the complications and focusing on what matters most—whether it’s spending time with family or prioritizing wellness.   If you’d like to enjoy the [...]


Dessert Ideas That Will Cool Your Sweet Tooth Without Giving You Sugar Shock


When long-hot summers drag on, with feels-like temperatures rocketing over 100 degrees, you may feel the need to seriously chill. One way to take the edge off: fresh and frosty desserts. And if there are options for healthier versions of [...]


Peanuts and Peanut Butter Can Reduce Diabetes Risk


Enjoying a peanut butter sandwich at lunch or snacking on a handful of peanuts won’t just fill you up. It’ll also reduce your diabetes risk, according to a new Harvard School of Public Health study published in the Ameri-can Journal [...]

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