Cherry Pecan Chews


When you’re looking for a treat to share with family and friends or give as a gift, having a fantastic recipe in your arsenal can be sweet. Here’s one that fits the bill on ease of preparation and taste and [...]


A Sweet Idea For Chips & Dip


You can give your next get-together a new twist on an old treat as a unique appetizer or dessert with Honey Cinnamon Pita Chips with a Honey Yogurt Dip.   Here’s how: Honey Cinnamon Pita Chips Yields 32 pieces or [...]


Celebrate Summer With Mango Salsa


(NAPS)—Get your summer off to a healthy and delicious start with the ultimate summer snack—Mango Salsa! Mango’s bright flavor and natural sweetness make it the perfect foundation for a versatile fruit salsa that can be paired with other summertime favorites [...]


Three Summer Almond Milk Smoothie Recipes


(NAPS)—Delicious taste is just one reason almond milk is becoming so popular with both dairy-free and dairy drinkers. It’s rich in calcium, a good source of vitamins D, E and A, available in low calorie and low sugar varieties, and [...]


Fuel Your Day With Fresh Pear Smoothies


(NAPS)—Shake up your smoothie routine and add fresh pears to the blender to boost your break-fast or snack. Pears are packed with fiber, making them a sweet and satisfying smoothie ingredient. By pairing pears with other whole-food ingredients, you can [...]


Experts Say Planning Ahead is the Key to Reducing Stress in the Kitchen

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(NAPSI)—From busy schedules to picky eaters, mealtime can seem overwhelming for many moms and dads. According to a study by the University of Illinois, some parents report that preparing a meal is so stressful it feels like being in a [...]


Versatile Rice Salads


(NAPSI)—Add interest to your menu with grain-based salads. They can double as a meal or a side dish and complement a variety of foods.   Rice is one of the most popular grains to use. With its nutty flavor and [...]


Time-Saving Tips To Make Get-togethers More Fun


(NAPSI)—Whether you’re throwing a game day party or hosting a family gathering, feeding a crowd can be simpler than you may realize. To help you save time and trouble, chef Jennifer Manning, Culinary Expert with the Kraft Kitchens, offers these [...]


California Avocados, The Breakfast Superfood


(NAPSA)—Breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day, but hectic morning routines can sometimes get in the way of starting the day with a wholesome meal. California avocados, in season now, are the perfect fruit and [...]


Four Ways To Simplify Your Holidays


(NAPS)—This holiday season, you can simplify your day-to-day tasks to focus on spending time with family and friends.   Here are tips that can help: • In lieu of elaborate dinner parties, invite friends and family over for brunch or [...]

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