Beef Pops with Grainy Mustard Sauce


Each beef skewer is a luscious mouthful of perfectly grilled, tender steak and a plump grape tomato served with a tangy, herb-flecked mustard sauce for dipping. Canola oil is used in both the marinade and sauce to balance their textures [...]


Popcorn Protein Mix

Popcorn Mix

For a great on-the-go snack option, try this protein-packed recipe mix of popcorn, fruit and nuts. Mix it up and divide into smaller bags for a portable energy boost after school, post-workout or for a three o’clock pick-me-up. Whatever the [...]


Onion Quiche and Peach Salsa

Onion Quiche

Sweet ‘n’ Savory Onion Quiche
 (Makes 6 to 8 servings) 5 cups yellow onion, thinly sliced 1 tablespoon olive oil ½ cup Canadian bacon, diced 1 cup nonfat Swiss cheese, grated 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon flour 1 teaspoon salt [...]


Easy Meatball Nachos


Active families appreciate that frozen meatballs can be enjoyed any day of the week, because all the prep work has been done for you. The meatballs are already seasoned, making them an even-more-delicious (and possibly less expensive) addition to a recipe or sauce than unseasoned, plain ground beef. Once they’re defrosted, you can use the meatballs whole or dice them up, even grind them in a food processor. They can be stirred into favorite recipes, whether steamy soups and stews, hearty casseroles or flavorful pasta plates. They really stand out in a succulent meatball sandwich. Pick up a package of high-quality, frozen meatballs and use them in recipes much as you would ground beef.


Sugar Cookies on a Stick


You and your family can have fun indoors by creating these tasty and charming treats. Kid-friendly Sugar Cookies on a Stick are totally customizable and perfect winter treats. The secret to making these tasty sweets is to use Karo Syrup. In cookies, it helps maintain freshness, and in marshmallows, it helps control sugar crystallization, which keeps them smooth and creamy.


Simple Wine Resolutions for 2013

Simple Wine

Early January is the perfect time to reflect on the previous year and make resolutions for the new one. For those of us who take wine seriously — or at least want to — it’s smart to include wine in our New Year’s resolutions. So here are three simple resolutions that’ll heighten your wine appreciation in 2013.




For a classic party dish that’s popular at today’s gatherings, choose charcuterie- a platter of cooked and dry-cured meats, sausages and smooth pates accompanied by crusty baguettes, pungent mustards and other savory morsels. It can make a great appetizer, entree, picnic staple or the main attraction at a tailgating party. What’s more, it’s easy to create and transport to holiday parties.


A Healthier Burger


Grilling is a rite of passage during warmer months, with hamburgers arguably being Americans’ favorite food to grill. However, hamburgers are often high in calories and fat. How do you make this American staple healthier? Try seafood, which is low in fat and calories and filled with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Because of seafood’s many benefits, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends people should eat at least 8 ounces a week.


Start Your Day With Peanut Butter


If you’re looking for a better way to start the day, try some peanut butter. This nutrient-dense food is a smart option for breakfast because it’s filling and tastes great. Two tablespoons of smooth-style peanut butter offers 8 grams of plant-based protein and more than 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients. “Making time for breakfast and choosing a meal that has fiber, protein and good fats can play a role in maintaining a healthy diet,” said Registered Dietitian Sherry Coleman Collins. “Research shows that a balanced breakfast including fruit, whole grains and protein such as peanut butter gives you the fuel and nutrients needed to stave off hunger until lunchtime.”


The Power Of Plants


For countless health reasons, including weight loss and improved heart health, an increasing number of Americans are setting aside one day a week or more to go meatless. Fortunately, those seeking plant-based recipes that the whole family will love can look to USA-grown rice for inspiration.

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